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  1. I'd go Curtis Samuel, it's going to be a shootout and he's been pretty solid in PPR lately.
  2. 1 PPR Jaylen Samuels vs NE Aaron Jones vs CHI I'm so worried about Jones matchup and also worried Samuels will lose touches/GL work to Ridley.
  3. Yeah, I'm in the same situation. I have Hunt, Aaron Jones, and Guice in my keeper league. Hunt was a sure thing until he screwed everything up. If Jones can finish very strong, I feel like I gotta keep him over Guice.
  5. Jags should have drafted Mahomes over this guy. This team is a bag of s---.
  6. Yeah, I felt the same way about Jordan Howard with the preseason coach talk. Boy did that blow up in my face in one league. Both of these guys have sunk my team. Not so much DJ, because he has been a low end RB1 this season, but I was expecting way better usage than what he's been given.
  7. I am actually shocked at the white knighting in here, lol.
  8. The assault? yeah it wasn't brutal. Chris Brown's domestic assault is brutal. Ray Rice was brutal. Joe Mixon's was brutal. Still incredibly stupid to jeopardize a top NFL career for some drunk hoe in a hotel.
  9. Who else is starting Howard this week? I'm riding this one out can't stop now.
  10. Not sure I even want this guy in a keeper league. This guy has been outplayed from start to finish. What a bummer.
  11. If you actually are starting this guy, you never had a shot to begin with.
  12. Lol at the people blaming Nagy. 8-3 folks.
  13. Howard needs stacked boxes. He isn't fast or elusive enough to make guys miss at the second level. He needs to find a hole and hope there is only one safety to beat. The problem is, with Nagy's offense, there will never be stacked boxes. Howard is just as one dimensional as the play-calling for him. He's a one cut and go, ground and pounder. He really isn't that great of a player.
  14. 8-3 and people are still blaming the coaching lmao