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  1. Think that's definitely the best way to handle it - have sent you a message.
  2. If you draft a guy who played on Thursday into your line-up (rather than the bench) are they locked there or would you manually swap them out if requested?
  3. Oh right, no it wouldn't - and if something happens in the first quarter that adjusts how people draft their bench then that's just part of the game. But there hasn't been much response and I have other drafts, plus unlike other nights it would be hard to push the time back, so you're probably better off going for the league posted above.
  4. Not quite sure I understand - you can start whatever time you want. People do drafts after the first game has finished, some even after the first week of the season.
  5. I'd be happy to run one more starting at 7.30 est if there was enough interest. All of the important rounds would be completed by the time the game starts, you'd just be drafting your bench. Anyone you draft into an active roster slot would be in your team for week 1 (i.e. you can't watch half the game and then make roster decisions - if you draft someone like Tevin Coleman to a flex spot you'd have done so before the game starts and he's in your team for week 1 ). Let me know if you're interested - if there's enough people I'll set it up.
  6. I've sent out a bunch of invites - I literally had 15-20 requests between this thread, PMs and other forums so sorry if you didn't get one. Busy on here! If people don't join I'll start inviting more people so leave your email below if you would like to be next in line.
  7. I don't believe there is any such deadline on espn - there definitely wasn't last year. Have sent you an invite. Back a bit later to fill the league.
  8. Going to be busy with work for a bit then back to fill the league at around 4 est. If you want a place let me know your email and I'll send you an invite then.
  9. One more league for good luck... Draft time is tonight at 6.45PM EST so it will have finished before the game starts. You can view the league settings here: If you're interested let me know your email address either in this thread or by private message and I'll send you an invite. Settings: Payments through Leaguesafe with majority approval. Will be set up in the next thirty minutes. Happy to vote on payouts if people want something slightly different to what's below. 12 Teams ESPN Snake draft 1 point per reception FAAB 6 teams make playoffs 1 QB 2 RB 3 WR 1 TE 2 Flex DST K 6 Bench 1 IR Payouts: Winner: $600 Second: $300 Third: $100 Most regular season points: $200
  10. Are you in the league? If so the Leaguesafe link is on the front page of the league.
  11. Now full waiting on a few people to pay - may run another at 7est so if that interests you let me know.