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  1. Any interest in one more of these leagues tonight? Have run four over the last few days. Drafting tonight ideally 8-9pm est but up for discussion. Same buyin and settings as the previous drafts. The settings from the league we completed last night can be seen here: All of the scores from last night's game will count for week 1 - so you need to adjust accordingly, moving players up or down your rankings as you see fit. I don't really see this as a downside, rather it adds another interesting element. Payments through Leaguesafe with majority approval. Happy to vote on payouts if people want something slightly different. 12 Teams ESPN Snake draft 1 point per reception FAAB 6 teams make playoffs 1 QB 2RB 3WR 1 TE 2Flex DST K 7Bench 1IR Payouts: Winner: $700 Second: $300 Third: $100 Most regular season points: $100
  2. No worries - thanks for joining so we could finally get going!
  3. You should have invites to both. Draft would start as soon as possible after you've joined and paid.
  4. I've kicked them. Just let me know your email for both invites, pay and we can draft asap.
  5. There's 11 in the league, and a pending invite. If you're first to pay on LS you get the spot regardless
  6. Joe if you join and pay we are good to go. LS is currently at $1300 because Kevin has accidentally paid three times so obviously needs to contact LS to get two of those payments refunded. Need one more to pay and we can draft.
  7. Great - have sent you invites to espn and Leagusafe
  8. I did yes though they can be slow to come through (or end up in spam) - there's a link to the LS on the espn league's front page
  9. He joined and then left the league, so yeah your buddy should just change the name