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  1. Who would take the role after Hicks? Cmart? Gant?
  2. Super excited about this guy in points leagues that penalize K's. He had fantastic plate discipline in the minors.
  3. Misses a pinch hit HR by about two feet tonight
  4. I wonder when one of those one inning starts is coming
  5. You are totally overstating the pressure. They don't need him to be a "savior." They have mookie Betts, Chris Sale, Kimbrel, Xander, benintendi, Han Ram etc. They are putting him in the nine hole. There is no pressure for him to carry the team, just to give them production somewhere they have been weak.
  6. His metrics look prestine. Only question is whether he can stay healthy. His one bad stretch came right after injury. So excited to be able to keep him in the 17th.
  7. I'm aware. Just pointing out for those who didn't watch the performance that even the one run he gave up really wasn't his fault at all. It was total dominance.
  8. Anyone see the "earned" run? Granderson lost the ball in the lights and somehow that isn't an error even though it's any easy play. Degrom pitched amazing tonight, even better than his line showed.
  9. Just goes to show he has always been capable of being a big time power hitter. He just chose to hit for high average
  10. As if he hasn't been good for a large portion of this year, cmon.
  11. So when Lynn doesnt have it they stretch him out to 110 pitches, but when he is dealing he gets pulled at 90? Terrible management.
  12.^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^tweet He says he is healthy and its just a mechanical issue. Maybe the time he missed threw his mechanics off a bit.
  13. In a points league this dude is money and has been consistently for years. Even with his "struggles" this year he is in the top 5 Of because he has an amazing eye.
  14. Do umps not see this guy well or something? Seems like every time I watch him he is getting squeezed.
  15. This game broke a 16-game streak for Manaea (going back to last year) of giving up 5 or less hits. Pretty great stretch.