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  1. Starting Ballage at RB2 over JMartin, ABlue and the Rams’ RBBC of CJ and Kelly. In the champ game. Nothing I’m reading here fosters huge confidence or instills horrible fear, but that’s just the state of running back these days.
  2. I’m kind of stunned that the Cowboys DST is almost invisible here. The defensive unit is swarming and fast and is building on their ‘why not us’ story heading toward the playoffs. The Eagles come in lacking any real offensive consistency outside of Ertz. They’ve got on a bit of a roll, but the Giants and Skins are not exactly the strongest competition. I’d say the line of Dallas -3 is low. It’s easy to imagine Dallas shutting down the Eagles and eventually forcing Wentz into desperate throws late that can lead to turnovers. Thoughts?
  3. Yes I do love Rocket. 7-12 targets a game, he’s given a nice floor the past 2 weeks. I’m hoping McGuire can be similar. Maybe down the stretch one of ‘em approximates the player we thought we were getting when we took DLewis in the 5th back in August.
  4. Lindsay owners: Are people feeling ok with Lindsay being dependable as an RB3/flex for the stretch? What does RFreeman’s Return mean to his numbers? Ive been offered Lindsay in a trade, so it would be helpful to know what it’s like rostering him. Reading through the thread, I see initial reactions to weekly performance. Can an owner give a brief summary of the Lindsay experience?
  5. That's giving away too much. Adams is the stud in this deal. White has been great, but you have solid RBs and Cook could be great down the stretch. thanks for mine
  6. I'd drop Robinson for Mullens. At some point this season, and soon, some team going to teach Mullens about how hard NFL life can be for a quarterback. It's not going to be the Giants. They have given up plays all over the field, and they've traded away pieces. I imagine they will give up 27+ pts on Monday. (I'm a giant fan, btw) Shep has shown that he can ball this season. I'd stick with him. Gore was my first thought, but he's an RB insurance policy for you, with an ok floor. See mine plz
  7. It's close. I might lean toward MVS, with Rodgers as his quarterback. It looks like he could be a big player for GB down the stretch. see mine plz
  8. You do look solid. I really don't see any obvious holes, but it's hard not knowing what the rest of the league looks like. see mine plz
  9. I'd say Njoku, mostly because Olsen's foot could act up anytime. But also because Njoku should get serious volume. ANd they face some teams that have given up big points to TEs ATL, CINx2 and CAR. see mine plz
  10. I feel Dalton has serious upside. Saints are susceptible to the pass, and he has Boyd, Uzomah, Ross as decent targets, and Mixon can catch too. Titans haven't shown enough that we'd believe they can overcome a Belichek defensive gameplan. see mine please.
  11. 12 Team. Half ppr. Start 2RB, 2WR 1RB/WR Flex Me: WRs: Hopkins, MT, Boyd, Cooks RBs: Mixon, Collins, Barber, CThompson, McGuire 7-2 Him: WRs: AJGreen, Baldwin, Ridley, Goodwin, Cobb RBs: Barkley, AP, TColeman, PLindsay, 5-4 I need a reliable RB2, and I've got Boyd on my bench every week. He is weak at WR and has 4 startable RBs. Is giving Cooks for Lindsay too much? Maybe offer Boyd for Lindsay?
  12. Damn. I came here to share a pic of my league-winning QB, and you beat me to it.
  13. 12 Team. Half ppr, Me: WRs: Hopkins, MT, Boyd, Cooks RBs: Mixon, Collins, Barber, CThompson, McGuire 7-2 Him: WRs: AJGreen, Baldwin, Ridley, Goodwin, Cobb RBs: Barkley, AP, PLinsey, TColeman 5-4 I could offer straight up 1-for-1, or throw in an RB2 for WR2 to alleviate position depth for both teams. Thoughts?