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  1. FYI If you play on Yahoo, I believe you can still add a player in the Thursday Night game DURING the game. I grabbed TY Montgomery a couple of years ago while watching him ball out in the 2nd quarter of a Thursday game. I’ll be watching tonight with my finger on the add/drop trigger. Does anyone know if this is still doable on yahoo?
  2. It’s enticing, but I’d stick with what you’ve got. Cooks’ track record promises big days ahead and while Waller is good (I got him) Hock might be magical Grab Allen and live the magic of streaming QB til you find a gem! It just might be Allen! you will survive. Don’t feed the sharks
  3. Malcolm Brown is on my bench. He has a role in Rams offense even with Gurley playing. If Gurley gets hurt, look out. Darwin Thompson is on the wire. Draft darling became droppable when chiefs acquired McCoy. Now McCoy and Damien Williams are nursing injuries. Is it survival of the fittest in KC?
  4. Two starts into his NFL career, Metcalf has caught 6 of 13 targets for 150 yards and a touchdown. I’ve seen only highlights, but I get the sense that he’s building a role in that offense. Any ‘Hawks fans out there who have watched the games more fully- care to share thoughts on how his season might develop? Might he be a player to target off the wire with an eye on steady or growing production?
  5. I do like Sanders (I own him, and I have high hopes) but Freeman is a proven producer, and Ito is not the RBBC circus Philly has. Freeman. See mine plz
  6. I might go with Malcolm Brown. That game figures to be a shootout, with lots of red zone visits. The other games look more like potential defensive slogs (MVS, Robby) or beat downs (McLaurin) for your guys. See mine pz
  7. I'd drop a Washington TE. IN that offense, banking on a starter with a reliable floor and exciting ceiling is dodgy. If something happens to Graham, you can stream TE. See mine plz
  8. 12 team, Half ppr. Lost Tyreek and HHenry. My team now: LJackson Hopkins, DJax, CKirk, MVS, (Tyreek) AJones, Sony, Ekeler, MSanders, CThompson HHenry, Waller I'm dropping Henry. Hardman could help in replacing some of Tyreek's production. IF Sammy gets hurt (and he has a history) Mecole has serious upside (though he will vie for targets with Demarcus Robinson) The fantasy world is gaga over Brown. Truthfully, he was not put in to vulture TDs, he just finished the drives he was put into as the primary RB. He will likely be up and down, UNLESS, Gurley has an issue, in which case he will get serious opportunity for big days. SO, add Hardman, or Brown? Or, drop CThompson along with Henry and grab both lotto tickets? W H I R
  9. Dropping. Sounds like there's a recovery and rehab timeline involved. Unless your in a deep bench league, no one's going to pick him up right away with an uncertain timeline.
  10. You've got a pretty balanced team, with solid scorers at the top of each position. Your receivers are strong. If Royce emerges as a solid RB2, you're in good shape. Thanks for mine.
  11. Thanks Leave a link. QB LJackson BAL WR DHopkins HOU, TyHill KC, CKirk AZ, MVS GB RB AJones GB, SMichel NE, MSanders PHI, AEkeler LAC, DarwinT KC, JHill BAL TE HHenry LAC, TEifert CIN
  12. He's fallen to the 11th round in my draft. I may have to take him as WR5.
  13. Looking at the TE landscape (including the 2 TE threads in the forum), it's pretty much Kelce, Kittle, and Ertz, and then everyone else bunched together. When I'm mocking, I find myself waiting til the very ends of drafts to pick up Hooper. Last year I bought into Jack Doyle hype, and ended up having to stream at TE, mostly with OJ Howard and Hooper. Most weeks, Hooper returned a good value, showing that he's a key part of the Falcon's offense. Hooper finished last year as TE 7 (in half-ppr), catching 71 of 88 targets for 660 yards and 4 TDs. His catch percentage of 81% was tied for best in the league for TEs (with Geoff Swaim!). For reference, Zach Ertz's was 74% and Kelce was 69%. He was on the field for 50% of Atlanta's offensive snaps, good for 8th in the league for TEs. Watching him play, he is a physical player who aggressively goes after every ball. His yards per catch is low (9.3ypc, down from over 12 during his first two seasons). He had a six down weeks of fewer than 5 targets, but it's hard to find a TE outside of the top 3 who doesn't have a handful of weeks like that. He put up one goose egg all season. Atlanta's set of skill players remains largely the same, but, importantly, Tevin Coleman's departure to the Niners vacates 44 targets. It can be expected that Calvin Ridley will take a step forward in his 2nd year, maybe getting a lot of those looks from Matt Ryan. But Ryan will likely look for someone underneath when pressured, and Hooper could be valuable in that role. Hooper just might be a really good value at the end of drafts. It seems he's got as good of a shot as any TE drafted after the Big 3 of becoming a dependable starter with upside.