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  1. I did not do my homework on TE picks. Great yardage but only 5 TDs all year last year. That's disappointing when five TEs already have 2 TDs in only two games.
  2. CJ Anderson is GONE! Paul Perkins picked up! This has to be good news for Kerryon.
  3. The addition of Hyde, the addition of Stills and the improved health of Keke have torpedoed his value it seems.
  4. Yes. Deshaun will definitely have some.
  5. Time should help Hyde as he learns more passing plays. D used to stand for Duke, now it stands for Drop.
  6. Thanks for your insight Detroit fan in, uh, Tennessee??
  7. Let's just see how it went in the other blowout game this week. Patriots up 37-0 guess who gets the first touch of the series? Sony Michel their starting and goal line RB.It's a shame Breida just isn't who we thought he would be.
  8. Let's see what actually happened: Mostert - 5 targets 4/68/1 receiving.(starting on the second drive of the day he was running and receiving not after the blowout started). This also actually happened: -10 Yard Penalty (5:01) (Shotgun) R.Mostert left tackle for 29 yards, TOUCHDOWN NULLIFIED by Penalty. PENALTY on SF-M.Person, Offensive Holding, 10 yards, enforced at CIN 29 - No Play. Penalty on SF-L.Tomlinson, Offensive Holding, declined. Breida - 2 targets 1/11/0 receiving.
  9. Well done. Mostert was involved a LOT sooner then expected. SF won't be having blow outs like this so looks like Mostert is the back to own in all formats since Breida is not the pass catching back or the goal line back.
  10. Everyone warned of regression this year. Welcome to 2019. They obv don't need him to win a game.
  11. I'm confused..... why anyone owns Duke any more.
  12. Mostert gets 4/3/68/1 in the air. Breida had 2 targets. If it's a "blowout" and they are keeping it on the ground, why did Mostert also have more targets and not just rushing attempts?
  13. Yes, An RB 4 someone else to worry about.