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  1. 3 years apart in age but about 11 billion carries apart.
  2. Curious to see how they draft. Cooks is gone, Brees another year old and a beefed up OL. It looks like their run game might be the strength of their offense.
  3. This. I have actually dropped AJ down my boards a couple notches given the OL situation right now. I believe I would draft Evans over Green if drafting today.
  4. The moves on the OL this year means Dalton will spend most of this season on his back. I think Eifert and Green are safe as they will be in comeback mode in most games and continue slinging the rock the entire game. I think there is a chance they go RB early in the draft this year so curious to see how that shakes out.
  5. With Dixon on board and Woodhead signed I would think they won't target a RB until very late in the draft. My guess is they focus on their secondary in the draft this year
  6. Just signed with Tamp Bay. I think it's a good landing spot and will bump his ADP but will have a negative effect on Mike Evans. Buccaneers agreed to terms with WR DeSean Jackson, formerly of the Redskins. Per NFL Network's Ian Rapoport, Jackson's new deal will top $10 million annually. Jackson was connected to a number of teams leading up to his signing, but the Bucs were always thought of as the favorites. The move makes a ton of sense for both sides. Jackson should thrive as a deep threat for cannon-armed Jameis Winston while taking some of the pressure off Mike Evans. Jackson, Kenny Stills and Pierre Garcon are all off the market, leaving Alshon Jeffery and Terrelle Pryor as the top receivers available in free agency.
  7. How do things change in Tampa with DJax on board now??
  8. I took him at #6 overall last year in a PPR league and would do it again if the top RB's are off the board. Like him over Julio
  9. 41. Purchasing and Production Planner for an automotive glass company.
  10. They don't dictate you lineup all year why should they have the power to do so now.
  11. I think the struggle to understand might be on your end. To say you stole somebody off the waiver wire based on their original ADP is ridiculous. By that logic anybody that got drafted and then dropped to the waiver wire is a steal regardless of ADP
  12. The OP based his value off him originally being a 2nd round pick. If he would have just said he picked him up off the waiver then sure he has value but to say you stole him off the waiver because he was a 2nd round pick in the draft makes no sense.
  13. Only if he puts up mass points over the next few weeks. At this point he is a major bust
  14. You mean like become the lead back and put up over 20pts in a PPR league? Yeah I'm waiting for that too......
  15. Trade doesn't seem awful but I would still veto it because Team 2 is mathematically eliminated from the playoffs