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  1. I didn't check but did everyone lose their minds when Zeke put 13 carries for 53 yards on the Giants?
  2. I'm rolling him out there this week due to Engram possibly being out.
  3. He's already said he won't play unless he's 100%.... why would you not play him when he comes back?
  4. Yeah no kidding. Dude came back in AFTER the injury and busted a multi tackle breaking run right up the gut.
  5. I don't think I would trade Kenny G for OBJ straight up........rather have Kenny G
  6. Yeah....I'm holding him for now. A trade to a contender or even back on the field for a Bengals team that will offer up some glorious garbage time points.
  7. So for Indy this week.... they typically run a zone defense. Do we think this plays into Hardmans skill set or limits him?
  8. With our OLine and Daltons tendency to throw picks I wouldn't sit the Steelers D. Plenty of points from Sacks and INT's
  9. I'm done. I have a claim in to get Jamal Williams and drop Hill.
  10. Ugh would be tough to unload him this week. He's got a real get-right game coming up against the Bengals. I can see 100yds rushing, 50 receiving and 1 TD
  11. Starting him in my WR3 spot this week. I think a couple of the starting DB's for Baltimore are injured as well.
  12. I feel it will be better.... more designed screens and dumpoffs to CMC
  13. Biggest impact for Rodgers this year is the vastly improved GB Defense. They are keeping the games close and GB is leaning on the run game to finish.
  14. From what I saw they may be better with Rudolph.