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  1. I have him tagged as my 11th rd keeper for next year. I feel he will be a mid/high lvl RB1. Not much on that offense is going to change going into next year. I don't there are any lingering contracts for the OL either.
  2. I'm good with 10-12 carries and 3-5 catches out of Dixon. He gets some goal line action as well
  3. Riiiightt.... Cook plays at 1:00pm, Gronk 4:25
  4. I am rolling with Cook as my TE and Gronk in my flex
  5. No chance for Bell to slip in there depending on where he lands?
  6. Keenan has been huge for me the last couple weeks with injuries and such to my other receivers.
  7. In for this discussion as well. I don't see Arizona putting up a bunch of points so this could turn into a 25 carry grinder game for Blount
  8. I am...... mostly due to his matchup
  9. I'm doing exactly that.... Lost Hunt and Conner
  10. They also held LEEEG WINNER ZOMG!!!!111!!! Tyreek Hill to 1/13 so we should sit Antonio Brown too?
  11. Need to pick one for my flex spot. Thanks
  12. I'm from Cincy..... the fact that they were so undecided last week is because I think he was close to practicing/playing. If he doesn't practice tomorrow then I would be pretty confident that he won't start and if we lose the game and get knocked out of the hunt for a playoff spot he might get IR'd.
  13. What!?!?!.... OMG!!!.... NO WAY!!!!!... if only we had known that almost 24hrs ago....... oh wait...