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  1. .5ppr flex Crabtree v Tenn- Safe floor, not much upside Dion v Baltimore- Low floor, higher ceiling
  2. Nope. I wouldn’t do that
  3. Need to replace my flex with Chris Thompson likely out.. Help!!! Buck Allen @ Tenn Dion Lewis va Balt or Crabtree Chris Godwin Mike Williams Taylor Gabriel Any Jags WR Any Indy WR
  4. No. Don’t buy high on Jordy. Stick with Tate and Lockett
  5. Which RB Week 6? WHIR

    Thompson for sure in ppr. If he’s somehow ruled out, I’d say Bilal Powell with Crowell likely not playing
  6. Keep White, especially with bye weeks starting. He’s not going anywhere. He’s an important part of a potent offense. He’ll finish an RB2 in ppr.
  7. Rate my trade

    I actually think it’s a great trade for you. Assuming you get to start all of Hop, Diggs, and Hill weekly. Solid. I think Hunt is just getting going and will end a mid RB1
  8. Baldwin vs Oakland in London Fuller vs Buffalo Dion Lewis vs Baltimore Michael Crabtree vs Tennessee .5ppr, need 1 WR and 1 Flex out of those. I could also throw a dart at Chester Rogers, Chris Godwin, or any Jags WR
  9. Grab Baldwin? WHIR

    I’d definitely get Baldwin. I’d drop Cole or Bortles for him. Winston can easily be your starter ROS as Winston’s past his bye and could be a QB1 weekly. Baldwin has no where to good but up from here and is worth at least the stash
  10. Michel for my baldwin..NO BRAINER??

    Oh yeah. Take that and run
  11. Zeke for Hunt/J Gordon

    My thought was yes Hunt is solid, but a piece of the offense. Zeke IS the offense and will get his. And Gordon I see as nothing more than a flex for me right now with the likes of Godwin and Mike Williams, Dede Westbrook, etc on my ww
  12. I would definitely make that move. You need the WR help. Saquon is about equal to Zeke, Diggs becomes your WR1, and I’d feel comfortable flexing one of those other WRs/Freeman
  13. Good trade? 10 team, .5ppr I gave: Kareem Hunt, Josh Gordon I got: Zeke Elliott My RBs: Zeke, Carson, C Thompson, Dion Lewis, Kerryon Johnson My WRs: OBJ, Golladay, Fuller, Baldwin, Crabtree