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  1. Julio or Amari (WHIR)

    If Julio goes I’d have to go Julio. Thabks for gelling on mine.
  2. Pick 3 of 5. WHIR

    Thanks for helping on mine. Id have to agree. You have it set the best way already.
  3. Lindsey Carson WHIR

    Full point PPR Which one would you flex? P. Lindsey @ OAK C. Carson vs. KC
  4. Dynasty Trade WHIR

    I'm looking to get some value for some players I can't keep. I can keep a prospect, but I'm full on ML players. With that said, would you do both or one of these or hold out longer? Trade SP Luis Castillo for OF Taylor Trammell (CIN) or 1st Round Pick (#3), which would likely be the top 3rd player from last years mlb draft.
  5. QB Help WHIR

    6 per passing td I have Wentz as my starting QB. I am going up against Ertz. Jameis Winston and Josh Allen are free agents. Would pick up on of them and start over Wentz? Or would you ride Wentz out and also maybe even out Ertz by having Wentz playing too?
  6. Stafford or Winston WHIR !

    I’d go Winston as well. Thanks for helping in mine.
  7. PPR Pick one to start? Tyler Lockett @ Carolina Calvin Ridley @ New Orleans Thanks!!!
  8. Heuerman WHIR

    PPR 12 team I have been riding with E. Engram and J. Reed all season. Would you drop one of those guys for J. Heuerman?
  9. Trade MG3 for AB/Kerryon?? whir

    If that’s Gordon for ABrowb and Kerryon I would take that deal.
  10. This is probably an overpay but is it worth it with my depth? I would still have C. McCaffrey, E. Elliot, J. Conner, S. Michel, and AP after this deal. .5 Point ppr Trade M. Ingram and T. Burton for Z. Ertz? With my RB depth is that worth it?
  11. Kamara + Ingram ? wHIR

    No concerns at all for you man. Thanks for help on mine.
  12. Engram WHIR

    12 team PPR Would you spend a number 1 waiver on Evan engram with Jordan Reed as your current tight end?
  13. Who to Drop? 100% WHIR

    Drop RSJ for sure.
  14. Big Trade!! NEED HELP!!! WHIRRRRRR

    I would not do that deal. It's just not good enough to take the chance.