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  1. Add/drop players - WHIR

    Maybe pick up Winker for Smoak. Can you pick up a closer to replace Hand?
  2. WSIS Andrus WHIR

    H2h weekly Points league. Extended week Should I start J. Peraza over E. Andrus?
  3. Weekly h2h points league. Pick 1 to start? Castellanos (vs. Rays and Astros, 6 games, starting today but has sore wrist) Moustakas (vs. Twins and White Sox, 6 games) Tucker (vs. A's and Tigers, 7 games)

    I think you can afford to deal JTas well, so I'm with the majority here.
  5. Soto or Devers WHIR

    I’d go Soto still.
  6. Help with Starters WHIR

    Weekly Points league. Which 2 should I start? Flaherty and Quintana face each other for their second start as well. M. Mikolas (1 start, vs. SD) J. Flaherty (2 starts, vs. SD, vs. CHC) J. Quintana (2 starts, vs. MIA, vs. STL)
  7. I don’t know if this is the right place to discuss this but does anybody else have a problem reading the new cbs app? I just recently updated it and the fonts are so tiny now. I figured I would see if others have a problem with it as well. I messaged CBS as well and they said they don’t have any plans to change it but I figured I would post here, because I know I can’t be the only one and the more people that let them now the better chance they increase the font size.
  8. Tatis Jr. vs. C. Seager WHIR

    I don’t know too much about tatis. I wouldn’t do that last deal though. Vlad looks like a major superstar.
  9. Catcher Help WHIR

    Redraft weekly points league. Who do you like long term? E. Gattis or Y. Molina? Does Gattis start to lose playing time near the latter half of the season?
  10. Rhys Hoskins 2018 Outlook

    Above has to be the two most ignorant posts I ever read on here. Anyways, glad to see him get a dinger. Hopefully he can keep it going. And I think it's a good thing for equipment to evolve so that the players can be protected, so that they can stay on the field longer.
  11. Eloy Trade help WHIR

    In a keep forever dynasty Points league, would you trade Rhys Hoskins for Eloy Jimenez?
  12. Jung Ho Kang 2018 Outlook

    Not too bad for somebody that was probably popping pills and drinking everyday or fighting through battle of quitting all of that. Maybe he’s turned a corner now though.
  13. h2h points league. weekly. Should I start Cutch (5 games, bum knee) or roll the dice on Soto?
  14. Jose M. Fernandez - 2B Cuba

    He is with the Angels now.
  15. King or Andu? WHIR

    Any others. Leave a link and I'll respond to yours as well. Thanks!