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  1. Chris Sale 2018 Outlook

    Does anybody think there is reason to believe he could go 5 innings in his start this week?
  2. Looking for help to pick one of these pitchers. Would would you go with? Severino @ Twins Quintana 2 starts at home vs reds and brewers Taillon @ Cardinals
  3. Jmart

    Is Jose Martinez an everyday player now? I’m in a weekly league so I can’t switch out during the week.
  4. $25 ESPN PPR Snake Draft TONIGHT

    Sent a pm if you have any spots. Can pay imiidiately.
  5. Has anybody had trouble with CBS undroppable system? I have 2 catchers and I am trying to drop Gattis, because nobody wanted to trade for him and I need the roster spot and I don't need 2 catchers at all either. Gattis is listed as undroppable. I tried asking CBS but I am not sure I asked the right people because nobody is getting back to me. This is obviously frustrating because I am in the playoffs and I am trying to my team right and grab free agents that can help me win. Right now Gattis just makes my bench of 5 into a bench of 4. Anybody have any insight on how to fix this? Thanks!
  7. still waiting for my invite we already talked via pm
  8. Any League drafting tonight?

    bumping up
  9. Looking for an ESPN league drafting tonight. Flexible on buy-in.
  10. Zack Wheeler 2018 Outlook

    Is this something the Mets have mentioned doing or just opinion?
  11. Add/drop players - WHIR

    Maybe pick up Winker for Smoak. Can you pick up a closer to replace Hand?
  12. WSIS Andrus WHIR

    H2h weekly Points league. Extended week Should I start J. Peraza over E. Andrus?
  13. Weekly h2h points league. Pick 1 to start? Castellanos (vs. Rays and Astros, 6 games, starting today but has sore wrist) Moustakas (vs. Twins and White Sox, 6 games) Tucker (vs. A's and Tigers, 7 games)

    I think you can afford to deal JTas well, so I'm with the majority here.