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  1. ESPN says that a league manager can pause an online draft, but we did ours last night and there was no way to pause it or correct anything. Is that only for offline drafts or is there some kind of setting you can do to be able to pause and correct for online drafts on ESPN?
  2. Can you pause an online snake draft after it already started on ESPN?
  3. I'd go Marte, Correa, Rosario, Devers, and Profar. I like Profar's upside more then Upton. Thanks for helping mine.
  4. I agree as well. You have the right ones picked.
  5. 12 team H2h Points dynasty keep forever League. My pick is up. Who would you choose out of this bunch? Yusei Kikuchi Joey Bart Casey Mize Jonathan India Jarred Kelinic
  6. If Julio goes I’d have to go Julio. Thabks for gelling on mine.
  7. Thanks for helping on mine. Id have to agree. You have it set the best way already.
  8. Full point PPR Which one would you flex? P. Lindsey @ OAK C. Carson vs. KC
  9. I'm looking to get some value for some players I can't keep. I can keep a prospect, but I'm full on ML players. With that said, would you do both or one of these or hold out longer? Trade SP Luis Castillo for OF Taylor Trammell (CIN) or 1st Round Pick (#3), which would likely be the top 3rd player from last years mlb draft.