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  1. Heuerman WHIR

    PPR 12 team I have been riding with E. Engram and J. Reed all season. Would you drop one of those guys for J. Heuerman?
  2. Trade MG3 for AB/Kerryon?? whir

    If that’s Gordon for ABrowb and Kerryon I would take that deal.
  3. This is probably an overpay but is it worth it with my depth? I would still have C. McCaffrey, E. Elliot, J. Conner, S. Michel, and AP after this deal. .5 Point ppr Trade M. Ingram and T. Burton for Z. Ertz? With my RB depth is that worth it?
  4. Kamara + Ingram ? wHIR

    No concerns at all for you man. Thanks for help on mine.
  5. Engram WHIR

    12 team PPR Would you spend a number 1 waiver on Evan engram with Jordan Reed as your current tight end?
  6. Who to Drop? 100% WHIR

    Drop RSJ for sure.
  7. Big Trade!! NEED HELP!!! WHIRRRRRR

    I would not do that deal. It's just not good enough to take the chance.
  8. Evans trade WHIR

    bumping up.
  9. I'm 5-0, what more can I do? (WHIR)

    I'd grab Allen with the extra spot. Thanks for helping with mine.
  10. Rank these 3 ROS Value

    Thanks for helping mine. I think Boyd is a definite 1st. Overall I like: 1. Boyd 2. Lockett 3. Carson Lockett and Carson really are a toss up though. Maybe with Lockett having the edge due to seattles rb usage.
  11. Evans trade WHIR

    Half point PPR I am stacked at running back and looking for a wide receiver upgrade over Tate and Emmanuel Sanders My tight end is Burton Would you trade Mark Ingram and Calvin Ridley for Mike Evans and Greg Olsen?
  12. Chris Sale 2018 Outlook

    Does anybody think there is reason to believe he could go 5 innings in his start this week?
  13. Looking for help to pick one of these pitchers. Would would you go with? Severino @ Twins Quintana 2 starts at home vs reds and brewers Taillon @ Cardinals
  14. Jmart

    Is Jose Martinez an everyday player now? I’m in a weekly league so I can’t switch out during the week.
  15. $25 ESPN PPR Snake Draft TONIGHT

    Sent a pm if you have any spots. Can pay imiidiately.