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  1. h2h points league. weekly. Should I start Cutch (5 games, bum knee) or roll the dice on Soto?
  2. Jose M. Fernandez - 2B Cuba

    He is with the Angels now.
  3. King or Andu? WHIR

    Any others. Leave a link and I'll respond to yours as well. Thanks!
  4. How much should i be willing to offer for Acuna? WHIR

    How about Jean Segura and Madbum? Or is that not enough. I'd toy with dangling Aaron Nola as well. Thanks for helping on mine.
  5. King or Andu? WHIR

    Would you rather have Kingery or Andujar in a dynasty Points League? WHIR
  6. Nelson C Value WHIR

    Any keeper league folks that can help?
  7. Pick 1 hitter to add from WW, WHIR!

    I would go Pirela gomez haniger piscotty
  8. Nelson C Value WHIR

  9. E. Suarez 4 K. Herrera (WHIR)

    I still would not make that trade. Boxberger could turn out to be a tier or two more then what he’s gone for and I’m just one of those that think closers can be picked up as the year goes on.
  10. Nelson C Value WHIR

    This would be for a deep dynasty h2h points league. What prospect or prospects would you consider good value to trade N Cruz for?
  11. For all the marbles..ok with lineup? Whir.

    i agree stick with it
  12. Flex Help! WHIR (Leave Link)

    Olsen and Bryant
  13. Ajayi or DT- 100% WHIR

  14. Championship flex help??

    marvin jones. thx for helping on mine.