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  1. $100 2018 FIFA World Cup Fantasy League

    Were you still going to do the league? email: LS: Also PM'ed you. Thanks!
  2. $100 2018 FIFA World Cup Fantasy League

    I'm extremely interested. Will the payouts be through leaguesafe?
  3. I'd be interested for just this season.
  4. 10 Team ESPN Standard ($100 Leaguesafe)

    Interested: When would draft be? Snake draft? and still 10 people? or 12?
  5. I'd love to play as well just need to see the rules and payouts etc.
  6. Got your email. It was a "no reply" email though. What are the payouts and the positions for the team etc. Is it a snake draft? What's the time of draft and is it a 12 team league?
  7. I'm in for $75. Email me at
  8. I'm interested. How about $75 and 12 teams?
  9. What does triple flex mean? Very interested shoot me an email at
  10. I would like to join if the opportunity is still available. Shoot me an email at
  11. I'm interested. Was looking for a league with closer to $75 but haven't found one yet. My email is Shoot me an email