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  1. Team A (1/4) gives Odell Becham Kerryon Johnson Golden Tate ---------------- Team B (3/2) gives Mike Evans Marlon Mack Trevor McLaurin -------------------- Standard 12 team So who wins, Team A or B?
  2. Shudda known better than to draft a guy who cant even start a lawn mower as my QB
  3. Targets are coming, Pats gonna lean on him heavy when the game ain't a blowout.
  4. Feck sorry, wrong tread, that was for Flash. I'm more stoned than he is bu the looks of things
  5. They are coming, Pats gonna lean on him heavy when the game ain't a blowout.
  6. Picked him up as Baker was the only QB on the roster and the likes of Mariota and Dalton just don't appeal. Will take a few games to come to fruition but the Giants certainly believe in this guy, they will do everything they can to make sure he succeeds
  7. Europe and China/Korea/Japan is where LBJ picks up his real money, no wonder he's laughing at this latest implosion from the NFL
  8. NFL has been a poor product post Kap. I know many posters will wake up in the morning and wait until they see which way the wind is blowing before making any kind of critical judgement all by themselves but trust me , it has serious issues based off the first couple of weeks. Heres to hoping this game lights up yet
  9. Baker owner here. He absolutely sucks. Picking Trubisky up tomorrow
  10. I flipped a coin on my kicker just to have some interest tonight and for once the fantasy Gods were on my side. Slye is a league winner no question about it
  11. Still No. 2 on paper Coach Sean McDermott stated Wednesday that Frank Gore remains the team's top running back on the depth chart with Singletary as the No. 2, Chris Brown of the Bills' official site reports. "Frank Gore and then we bring in Devin [Singletary] and then we bring in TJ [Yeldon]," McDermott said, when asked about the team's starting running back.
  12. Kamara needed a break after that epic run in all fairness