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  1. Yes in standard he finished 2nd behind Evans. In PPR Brown had more though. He still finished second in PPR. Nelson not going in the top 10 is quite ridiculous to me. He is old but he has shown zero sign of decline. Plus, WRs don't fall off a cliff like most other positions.
  2. This isn't the best logic. I would consider Jordy Nelson elite as an example but there is zero reason for him to go before those guys. That being said, Baldwins stats are extremely misleading. On paper he was solid but he was very inconsistent. He was likely benched on a lot of teams during a few of those big games because the games leading up to them were trash.
  3. Gurley has been discussed enough on this forum. He has been a JAG minus his first few games. His ability is a mirage built on 4 games. The biggest myth is his first season was great. It was great due to the first 4 games he started. I have said that can be attributed to a lot of things including game planning. Once the defenses figured it out he didn't finish that year very good. After those 4 games: YPC: 3.9 66 YPG Obviously, last years 3.2 YPC and zero 100+ yard games speaks for itself. Now, people will say that once defenses stacked the box his performance went down and he is a very good running back. What has changed since then? Their QB was absolutely pathetic last year and they still don't have a single WR that I would consider good. Defenses will continue to stack the box against a RB that has looked like Trent Richardson against defenses that have stacked the box. I like Robinson to bounce back. The addition of Fournette and O-line improvement will drastically help that offense. Even though Bortles underachieved last year I actually expect his passing yards to go down this year to around 3,700. However, he will be far more efficient with less pressure and better blocking. Which will allow Robinson to get in a better rhythm and go back to making plays. 1,200 and double digit TDs would be no shock. Hopkins is a very tough player to evaluate this year. He is an extremely talented player. Put him on a team like the Redskins and he would go around the Brown/ODB/Julio/Evans range. However, he is not on the Redskins. He is on a team with a terrible passing situation. Taking a gamble on Hopkins is also taking a gamble on Watson. Tom Savage has shown zero ability to be a competent NFL QB. if Watson comes in and pulls a Prescott Hopkins will be a steal of the draft and will produce 1,300 yards and 10+ TDs. Otherwise, this season can be a replica of last year. In short, at their current ADPs: Todd Gurley: No thank you Allen Robinson: Yes. Very good pick DeAndre Hopkins: Wait to see how QB situation unfolds as the season nears. If drafting now no.
  4. Here come the Mariners with their yearly glimmer off hope in preparation of destroying every ounce of hope the fans have.
  5. "Johnson added, "When you have this much cap space, we're going to be major players next summer. The tide has turned. People want to play here again. It's exciting times for the L.A. Lakers. I wouldn't have made that move if I didn't think I could use that money. Enough said."' Pretty much sums up the Lakers trade. If anyone's says it's a bad move for the Lakers they don't know what they are talking about. The NBA is a league driven on having cap space. With both Mozgov and Deng they would have the ability to sign George and no one else. Now they can also go after Lebron, Hayward, and etc.
  6. Why do you like to call out posters inaccurate predictions in almost every argument? Everyone gets picks wrong. Including you. Fantasy football is the most unpredictable fantasy sport. It's beyond annoying hearing you call out wrong calls for absolutely no reason other than self aggrandizement.
  7. Maybe Ball can adjust his shot a little bit. Maybe not bring the ball as far down. Although at this point it is a long shot. Muscle memory will make it extremely difficult.
  8. Ainge is one of the best yet also one of the worst GMs at times. His ability to get picks has been brilliant. His unwillingness to part with those picks has been very questionable. They could have offered a far better deal for Butler. Tatum is nice and all but who knows how he will pan out? He isn't a special prospect in my eyes. It's not like they were trading out of an Anthony Davis situation. Butler for the 3rd pick plus a role player or two and the 16th pick would be a huge win for both sides. It seems like his worry is not the Cavs but the Warriors. He rather not give up their future to just get beat in 4 or 5.
  9. How do you define contender? Contender for playoffs or contender to get beat up by the Warriors?
  10. Julio is not TD dependent. He is the best bet in the league to go for over 1,500 and be the first to break 2,000. I do understand the reasoning though. His low TDs and Falcons weapons make him a pretty big candidate for duds.
  11. Oh you got me. I had to click it to see who you had in front of Wilson. Palmer? HAHAHA. Ah good one.
  12. He was playing injured most of last season. The worst rushing yards and rating of his career were not an off season. It was just him playing injured the entire year. I have never been as frustrated with a coach as with the stupidity the Seahawks pulled in managing Wilson when his knee got bent. His best trait is behind the most elusive QB in the game. It covers up for the pathetic thing they call an offensive line. He is a great value. 4,200/25/7 600/4 A stat line like that wouldn't really be a shock.
  13. Of course. I do prefer to draft first though. Mainly because every data point points to having the first pick leads to making playoffs more, gives you overall better value, and is a huge advantage. Which is the main problem with snake drafts. Slightly off topic though.
  14. The man has been watching Giant games thinking they have two top 5 WRs.
  15. Doesn't matter. When they become good Jackson will try to trade them and ruin their will to live in N.Y.