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  1. Beal and Oladipo were very similar last year. Beal has dramatically improved this year. Oladipo has not. I'll gladly chalk it up to Wall creating a situation where players are involved and feel comfortable opposed to an offense where one player has the ball so much it hurts everyone else. Adams over Gortat any day. Better finisher and he can rebound well. Plus throw in a guy like Kanter. Walls cast isn't that much better.
  2. John Wall is criminally underrated. His team is no better than Westbrooks. Beal isn't all that better than Oladipo. The rest of his teammates aren't anything special either. He just makes them great with his passing and ability to create. The fact that you don't even hear Wall in the MVP conversation is a disgrace. Again, his supporting cast isn't any better than that of Westbrook yet they won more games and already won more games in the first round.
  3. Well Westbrook is no Lebron. There is at least 5 players I rather have than Westbrook to start a franchise. Lebron, Curry, Harden, Leonard, Durant, Wall, and maybe a few more. Hopefully, Westbrook learns to trust teammates. If he does he can truly be a great teammate and a winner.
  4. Waiters was also extremely productive for Miami this year. Just look at McDermott and Gibson after they got traded. Their performance tanked. Yet supposedly they got traded to a team with no talent. So if their talent was worse than say the Bulls shouldn't they do better due to a better opportunity? Say what you want about a guy like Kobe but he still made teammates better and won. Bynum wasn't all that special yet produced. When they got Gasol his production didn't tank. Etc. If you gave Westbrook Lakers Gasol he would average 12/7 and be labeled as a mediocre player that doesn't help Westbrook.
  5. Mate, he has no talent at all. Other than Oladipo who was seen as a star on the rise. Or Adams who was practically considered a breakout player in the playoffs. Or Grant who is incredibly athletic and has done incredibly in the limited shots (obviously) he has taken in this series Or Gibson who before getting traded was an extremely consistent player Or a coach who last year was seen as a top 5 coach by most Don't get me wrong his roster isn't great. However, the players are more than capable. I want to turn off the commentators during the games because they have Westbrooks dick in their mouth the entire game. Oh look he went out here comes a run. Oh look Westbrook isn't playing. Everyone look how bad they are! LOOK DAMNIT! Look how good the Rockets are without Harden? See? Oh, Westbrook had one of the worst fourth quarters in NBA playoff history but damn it you better look at how bad his teammates are. Look at how Harden gets his teammates involved. Look at how he allows the ball to move and find a rhythm. Look at how he gets the game flowing for his team. Look at how even though he struggles his teammates consistently get wide open shots because he draws the defense and always finds the open man and moves the ball around. Obviously Rockets have a better team but they won in 5. A ton of people were saying Thunder in 7 or it will be close yet Thunder lost in 5. The media will never hold Westbrook accountable. It's borderline ridiculous at this point. In order for your teammates to produce you need to make them comfortable. Lebron does it well because even he knows he can't win alone. It's like when you go play a pickup game and there is that one dude that thinks he is the s--- and throws up the ball every time up the court. You end up not giving a s--- and practically walking up the court because you don't expect to get the ball and when you do you have no rhythm at all
  6. Seems like Golden state is going to win it all unless there is an injury. I'd take them over the field in a heartbeat. I know people say oh what about last year. Oh what about this or that. This team has Durant. They also managed the regular season better and didn't have to idiotically worry about breaking a record. They swept a decent team with utter ease. Game 1 was exciting but Warriors made it a stress-free win. Game 2 was a blowout. Game 3 Blazers gave them a solid run but even then it wasn't that big of a nail biter. Then Durant comes back and it's over with 6 minutes left in the first quarter. The scary thing is they will only get better. Who is going to challenge them? Spurs? Right they might not even be able to handle the Grizzlies. Cavs? Sure they swept but Indiana was there every game and Indiana is not anything near a solid team. Plus they have their own problems. The team is stupidly ridiculous.
  7. Triple doubles aren't even impressive in the NBA anymore. Unless it's Westbrook. Then he is a god. Lebron almost averaged one in this series. Damn well could have if he wanted to. Draymond needs 1.5 more assists per game in the series against Portland to average a triple double. Also could do that if he really wanted to. It's like 3 point records. When Curry hit 13 threes I thought it was cool and impressive but wasn't mind blown. When he broke Allens record that was also cool but nothing insane at that point. Only reason last season was so impressive is because he utterly obliterated the record. Players are racking up triple doubles left and right. Westbrook is just doing it more for reasons already outlined. The media circle jerk has really sealed this MVP race.
  8. If he doesn't win 12+ games his wife will leave him and go find someone more successful. Like Gregg Popovich or whatever.
  9. Westbrook is a paradox. He puts up such crazy stats because his teammates are bad. His teammates are bad because he puts up such crazy stats. It's quite hard to know. I do believe he chases stats. If his stats decreased and he was a more willing player to impact the game in other ways he would be able to get out of the first round. I don't think he chases stats so he can sit there and get a hard on from his box score. It's just what kind of player he is. He wants to do everything by himself. Get the rebound. Score. Make the pass. Etc. He lacks trust in teammates to do their job.
  10. If you're puking you aren't going to play. If you are in the bathroom every 5 minutes you won't play. Your mind can only block out your body so much. Once your body decides to spew bad sushi back out every 5 minutes you aren't going anywhere.
  11. Blake is a guy that you can give the ball to and he can just go and score. Which the Celtics desperately need. I do agree he is a little like Horford but he is also way better at this point. They are better of trying to trade for Jordan and possibly PG13 as he seems extremely unhappy. Although he is set at playing for LA it seems.
  12. Boston needs 2 things to have any chance of being considered a contender. 1. More rebounding. There really isn't anyone available in free agency so that's tough but they better figure it out. A guy like Jordan would do wonders. 2. A player that can create their shot. Very well. The draft will be helpful if they can get Fultz but he likely won't be able to do it at the level they need for a while. Their GM did an utterly pathetic job this trade deadline. If they got Butler or PG maybe they could have made a run. Although I'm sure their rebounding would still kill them. Cousins would fill both those roles and they would instantly become a threat to the Cavs. As of now, The Celtics aren't even the second best team in the east.
  13. I find the entire process to be a joke. It doesn't seem to be an objective process at all. Oh he's so fun to watch! What he is doing is unimaginable! Even though in modern NBA there is a few of players that are tall and have PG court vision, PG passing skills, SG/SF shooting skills, and C like rebounding. I throw around those labels lightly. In the modern NBA roles aren't as set as they used to be because players can do so much more. Taller players and bigger players have skills that were only seen in PGs. So it's really not hard for a guy like LBJ, Harden, and a few others to average a triple double. I've already mentioned that a few times. I can't even say if Westbrook has bad teammates or not. He has the ball so much that I honestly can't figure out if he robs his teammates of any chance to be productive. He doesn't have incredible teammates by any chance but neither does Harden. The Rockets just play incredibly as a team. Which pathetically seems to be a knock against Harden. Westbrook was practically a lock the second he clinched the triple double record. He has been shoved down everyone's throats by the media the second there was a chance of him breaking the record.
  14. In the playoffs there is zero doubt. It's a regular season award though.
  15. Slow starts for great teams is not uncommon. The Cavs have been mediocre for almost half the season. That's the difference. Cavs have not played good for a while now. People expect them to magically become on the Warriors level again.