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  1. It's preseason I wouldn't read too much into anything.
  2. Bortles can't hit the side of a barn from the inside much less a WR that's moving.
  3. Like I mentioned earlier in this thread: Do not draft Jaguar players. Just don't do it. You're setting yourself up for disaster. Ignore the stupid preseason hype about the team and go find some other hype train.
  4. Great logic. Davante Adams > Antonio Brown
  5. It's the preseason so no. It still stands though that he has a short track record and is very dependant on an injury prone offensive line.
  6. Lynch had 1k+ yards and over 4.0 YPC in his first two years. This is with a bad line. In his 4th year he had a struggle on the Seahawks but he switched teams out of nowhere. I'll give you his 3rd season. Even then, his lowest YPC was 3.6. Again, during a year where he switched teams out of nowhere. So I have no idea why you keep using this particular comparison.
  7. What do you mean that's how stats work? All his good games were in a row and then he sucked for almost two years. It wasn't bad good bad bad good good bad good. Which would display just inconsistency. It was good good good maybe one or two more good games and then 20+ bad more or less in a row. Which is called a fluke.
  8. This I agree with. It seemed like you were saying he is sort of like L. Murray where unless there is a gaping hole he is useless. He is no Bell where he waits for things to develop and he is no Lynch where he can destroy everyone in his way anywhere and anytime.
  9. Bryant belongs in the first category. While he is insanely high risk I wouldn't be shocked if he finishes first. 15+ TDs wouldn't be crazy from him.
  10. As in backup to the backup?
  11. This is just 100% flat out wrong and a display of insane recency bias. You can say Gurley has been a scrub. You can say that defenses figured out how to stop him. You can say that he is weak mentally. However, saying that he can't make things happen is false. Yards and TDs can be a fluke. Go watch his rookie season highlights. He was jumping over people, dragging tacklers, and putting on moves. Last year he did none of that. I chalk it up to the same reason I believe A-ROB sucked as I mentioned somewhere earlier. When your team sucks the effort is often times not there like it was before. However, saying that he is obviously JAG that is 100% dependant on blocking is just incorrect.
  12. 1. When there is a sufficient sample size at the NFL level for a player college becomes meaningless. There seems to be a common trend on this forum of individuals referring to college as a positive or a negative when there is already a legitimate sample size of the player at the NFL level. This argument is extremely pointless and only valid when data is still being gathered on the individual. Gurley has over 500 carries in the NFL. In fact, Gurley only has 3 less NFL carries than he did in his entire college career. Making the college claim beyond irrelevant. 2. The stretch he went on when he is a rookie holds very little value at this stage. We have seen multiple RBs in just recent history go on stretches of dominance only to return little value in the future. There seems to be this misconception that having a few good games makes you elite. The reason these stretches happen is quite simple. When a particular player enters the stage after the season has begun defenses are often times not prepared for that player. What very likely happened is defenses did not account for Gurley properly in their game plan. After all, who would when you have a rookie coming off an injury? You ask if his little streak was a fluke and as of now, yes it seems like it was. I'm someone that's on record in this thread 100% approving of his ADP. I already have my pick in one of my leagues (12 man picking 2nd) and I would love to have Gurley at 24. This is due to the volume he will achieve and also because I do believe the talent is there. I already outlined earlier in the thread why I believe he has been this bad and that is due to lack of effort. It is not because of the line or anything like that. I can understand 3.7-3.8 YPC with a bad line but 3.2 is next level pathetic. There are no excuses for his terrible performance over the majority of his career.
  13. Bortles threw for 4,500 yards and 35 TDs. I don't care what his completion rate was with those numbers. It's not all that relevant for fantasy. The bottom line is his season was a huge outlier and Robinson benefited. When a QB is terrible it's difficult to predict the performance of even the best WRs in the game. Which is why I want nothing to do with those WRs.
  14. That dinosaur is better than most running backs in the league.
  15. Tell that to Hopkins and Robinson.