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  1. GOATbert is an absolute steal.
  2. We get it. You are the best ever at fantasy and possess a fantasy crystal ball.
  3. When I saw his ADP:
  4. DJs first season with a full work load ended with an injury.
  5. Seems to actually have respect for the game and the fans unlike certain players...
  6. He was eating in support of his pregnant fiancee. How dare you be so insensitive.
  7. I don't find this all that relevant. You shouldn't be drafting based on last year. Now obviously it has an influence on ADP and it should to an extent. Landry - Has huge problem getting TDs and providing consistency Demaryius - Offense is a huge question mark and he has terrible hands Crabtree - WR2 = Capped ceiling and higher chance to bust Fitzgerald = Father time can catch him any time Golden Tate - 9 games under 60 points. 9. T Pryor - New team. Although I love him at his ADP E. Sanders - Same as FItz with the same downfall as Demaryius We can easily make the case that those players have far more pressing concerns. Baldwin is clearly the #1 WR, has the talent, and offense should see improvement. He has a solidified role in the offense and for a guy his size doesn't have problems finding the endzone.
  8. Average. 40% FG is 40% FG. 1.7 AST to TO ratio is 1.7 AST to TO ratio. It has utterly nothing to do with minutes. Now obviously it could be higher when you play more minutes as if you are performing better you are likely to get more minutes. Inconsistency will limit consistency in your minutes. Again, I'm not saying Russell can't be a solid player. I'm saying he won't be a star. Simple as that.
  9. 40% FG 15 PPG 1.7 AST to TO. If you think that's solid production you're utterly delusional. It's inefficiency Westbrook dreams about without any of the impressive stats.
  10. Oh please. Cmike is a scrub. Bounces around the league and then teams realize he is dumber than a brick.
  11. Maybe bust isn't the right term. For him to not be disappointing yes he would have to be a star. Second overall pick and first time Lakers have drafted anyone relevant in a while. Most fans should feel that way about a top 3 pick. A bust is someone that flames out. Still can disappoint.
  12. Recording a teammate, not even knowing Magics game, and etc. Yeah it's a reach. I think he doesn't have star potential. That's my entire argument.
  13. Thomas Rawls? I can name at least 20 RBs I rather have.
  14. This is why having a stud RB boosts your chances like crazy of winning a chip. The top few RBs often have no bad games all year maybe 1 or 2. WRs have 3+ if not 5+ and can bite you in the a** any game against the best matchup on earth.