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  1. 2019 Do Not Draft List

    Fournette was laying goose eggs but he wasn't laying goose eggs in your lineup. It becomes a matter of value over replacement. Howard was doing terrible in most lineups all year. Either way, my preference is Fournette because I rather take the injury risk over a lot of other risks. However, like I mentioned earlier, this conversation is fairly pointless until we know how ADPs are unfolding.
  2. 2019 Do Not Draft List

    No. I don't see how it's relevant to my statement. Just because he had a bad year you will let your personal distaste for him interfere with the actual outlook. I understand the concerns. Obviously he will be above Howard. My comparison was much more in comparison to Howard this year. His ADP was mid second round in standard. There will probably be a few guys above Fournette that are less talented and will have less volume (similar to how it was with Gurley last season).
  3. 2019 Do Not Draft List

    If we he puts in a season he will never be a value pick. The dude gets certain volume and is a top 5 RB IF healthy. i rather take an injury risk over a volume or talent risk every day of the week. If he is a late second round pick I will be all over it. Hell, even if he is a mid second round pick I will be over it. I rather draft a player that may get injured but otherwise produce over another potential bum like Howard.
  4. 2019 Do Not Draft List

    Drew Brees. His ADP always drops and I always draft him because of it. I’m always happy that I drafted him because of it. Then the playoffs come and he manages to lose me the season with his s---y play. Never again.
  5. Kirk Cousins 2018 Outlook

    Clark is great and the secondary has played well. Wagner is also in the DPOY conversation. While the defense isn’t what it was it’s still a very good defense.
  6. Maybe. Their defense is terrible but I think Mahomes may be able to pull them there.
  7. On a different note. Can’t wait to play the Chiefs in the Super Bowl.
  8. He’s an absolute bum and the biggest scam artist since Osweiler.
  9. Oh look interception at the one yard line. Nothing new...
  10. Needed 15 from Cousins. Absolute ******** waste of space. Total bum.
  11. David Johnson 2018 Outlook

    You were probably saying the same about Gurley. You could argue that he looks unmotivated and I wouldn’t doubt it nor would I blame him. However, he put up over 2,000 yards from scrimmage and 20 TDs just two years ago. Calling him slow and un-athletic is a terrible assessment.
  12. Alvin Kamara 2018 Outlook

    If Ingram happens to stay there is no chance I am going to be taking Kamara above any of the true backs and probably a few WRs. He is a great player and performs either way but watching Ingram basically split with a guy this good and a top 10 if not top 5 pick is unbearable. You have to rely on the Saints dominating otherwise you get games that aren't very good. I understand everyone can have a bad game but it boils down to having to watch him split carries. I can't watch that s---. i like to enjoy watching my first round pick play.
  13. David Johnson 2018 Outlook

    Yes. Your recap would be spot on.
  14. David Johnson 2018 Outlook

    Hard to see myself taking him next year unless his ADP is ridiculous low (it won't be). Rosen is an absolute bum and their coach is pathetic. The sad reality is both will almost certainly be around next year. The line, weapons around him, or defense are not the main problem as we saw him have a historical season already without those things. The problem is that pathetic discount looking Eli for a QB and utter joke of a coach.