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  1. It’s the ******** first overall pick. Barkley is drafted in part because he’s so damn fun to watch. Even if you can manage without him it’s still absolutely deflating.
  2. Goff sucks. That’s the problem. Dude blows.
  3. He was absolutely trash. He slipped on the turf like 5 times. The blocking also sucked but it was an all around awful performance.
  4. He’s the first overall pick in most cases. The only problem here is your self aggrandizing arrogant a**.
  5. Yeah I’m ******** done with fantasy. Same s--- every year.
  6. Same. Cousins is a bum he can’t support two guys.
  7. Mack has outscored Jones through two games and you’re acting like having him in front is laughable? Imagine overreacting...In the wrong direction.
  8. Either him or Ridley for me. Benching Gordon is a sin though...
  9. Since there’s no dislike button I want to tell you personally that i dislike this post.
  10. Hmmm either him or [Player B]. Choices... Anyways, he is going to get work. Unlike Williams, he actually doesn't suck. So it will be interesting for sure. 12/80/? 5/40/? That would be on the higher end. Can't really predict TDs but the opportunity will be for sure greater than most other options you will have.
  11. Goodell is laughably power hungry. It’s hilarious.