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  1. David Johnson 2018 Season Outlook

    So he is definitely riskier but everything else is a maybe? Huh... Also, no he won’t see a similar workload to Johnson. Johnson will get far more opportunities from every aspect as he is their only option.
  2. 2018 WR Rankings and Discussion

    Landry being tossed around as a threat to Gordon is ridiculously over blown. He couldn’t even put up 1,000 yards last year with very little threat. Neither of the guys you list are any threat to Gordon due to the type of game he plays. If if you don’t see how pass attempts go down I don’t know what to tell you. How about the fact that they invested a first in a RB and despite what people think invested heavily in the line and actually have a solid line. Everything is pointing to more rushes and fewer attempts. Seem to be a little unaware of the situation in Seattle mate. 5 wins is a joke.
  3. 2018 WR Rankings and Discussion

    Tyrod had Watkins playing at top 5 WR levels and he is no Gordon. Tyrod is a vey solid QB that can easily support a WR1. In fact, there are benefits to not having an elite QB as demonstrated with Hopkins. As for Baldwin, I don’t like the inconsistency and Seattle should see passing attempts go down about 10% this year.
  4. 2018 WR Rankings and Discussion

    My top 20 for standard: 1. Brown 2. Hopkins 3. Thomas 4. ODB 5. Julio 6. Gordon 7. Evans 8. Green 9. Diggs 10. Allen 11. Adams 12. Hilton 13. Robinson 14. Baldwin 15. Thielen 16. Hill 17. Juju 18. Cooper 19. Fitz 20. Cooks
  5. Kawhi Leonard 2018 Offseason Thread

    It’s the most mind boggling thing. It just seems like he has some family members that really deserved to be punched in the face.
  6. David Johnson 2018 Season Outlook

    This is a ridiculously faulty comparison. The only explanation is bias for a conclusion that completely turns a blind eye to such an important factor as experience. How about I counter your bias with bias from the other side. Player A: freak talent, unique skill set, huge workload, no weapons to take away from workload, and proven NFL stud. Player B: freak college talent, more athletic than A with skill set unknown at next level, probably big workload, and having a WR take away some production. See how this works? You completely disregard that player "X" in your comparison is already established in a league where plenty of college studs flop. It's an extremely valuable point that you just chose to leave out for reasons unknown. Also, Barkley does not have the same skill set. Johnson has demonstrated absolutely incredible ability to both run between tackles and around that we have yet to see Barkley consistently demonstrate. You also claimed Barkley is a more athletic version of Bell. I'm just waiting for you to claim he is a bigger and more athletic version of Sanders. It's only a matter of time.
  7. David Johnson 2018 Season Outlook

    I always fail to understand why players would take a certain inexperienced player over an experienced player that is everything that inexperienced player is trying to be.
  8. David Johnson 2018 Season Outlook

    For some reason, I feel like you do care.
  9. Tyler Lockett 2018 Season Outlook

    Seattle clearly wants to run more so Wilson will throw around 510 times with roughly 120 to Baldwin. That leaves 390. Frankly, from here utterly no idea. How will Marshall do? How will Penny factor in as a WR? What about the other RBs? So much is unknown with this team on offense right now that there really isn’t a good answer until preseason. That being said, Lockett may be a post breakout steal in the draft. Seattle doesn’t have much weapons on offense. Triple digit targets is very possible.
  10. Jean Segura 2018 Outlook

    All star team for MLB is the biggest popularity contest in any major American sport. Even in the NBA and NFL you see rising starts and not huge market players get recoginiztion from the fans but that is not the case in the MLB often times. Haniger is another Mariner for example that has no business not making it but he likely won't. Didi for example has far more votes than Segura as of now. It's quite a joke. Like you say though, it holds little value. All star game has lost a lot of charm across every sport.
  11. Jean Segura 2018 Outlook

    Last 16 games: 12 multi hit games 6 of which are 3 hits AVG: 0.43 Since the start of May: 0.38 This is Jean Segura right now:
  12. David Johnson 2018 Season Outlook

    There's plenty of ways he doesn't. In fact, it's more likely he doesn't. As stated above, there is only 2 a year that do and there have been RBs in better situations with plenty of talent every year that haven't.
  13. 2018 Biggest Busts

    In the NFL for data that is available in large quantities. You must be trolling because a self proclaimed fantasy savant can’t be this clueless. I saw that game in person and he was great but one game isn’t the way to judge a player. I like Watson and not a lot of people are doubting him. He’s just not the best QB in football.
  14. 2018 Biggest Busts

    Using college to judge a player that has a solid sample to judge off in the NFL is absolutely ridiculous.