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  1. Rams/Saints - NFC Championship

    Brees and Kamara should spearhead the offense. Every time Hill is on the field it’s a tragedy.
  2. Antonio Brown 2019 Outlook

    Oakland isn’t trading for Brown. Not even worth discussing. They just let a generational player at the second most important position go for some picks. They clearly want to rebuild through the draft. Brown is likely going to go to a contender. Or at least a team that thinks they can contend.
  3. Yeah, it seems like Zion doesn't have the driving ability in the half court as Lebron does. You get somewhat of a mix between Lebron and Griffin.
  4. Lonzo Ball 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    Lonzo Ball is a top 20 player over the last two games. Absolute mad man.
  5. Auction vs Snake

    I'm not saying you can't win if you are drafting late. Furthermore, your sample size of 5 is peanuts to larger sample sizes. The reality is, snake drafts give a distinct advantage to individuals drafting higher.
  6. Auction vs Snake

    It's the only fair way to draft. I'm not an auction guy but that isn't really all that debatable. 1st pick has a fairly significant advantage over 12th and that shouldn't be how it works. Auction evens the playing field.
  7. Derrius Guice 2019 Outlook

    The hardest part is always going to be planting that foot and going in the other direction.
  8. Pats/Chiefs

    Kellerman is an idiot and known Brady hater.
  9. (Way Too) Early RB Rankings 2019

    You’d be wrong. He wasn’t a weapon in the passing game. He wasn’t a total scrub but calling him a weapon is a huge stretch.
  10. Pats/Chiefs

    That’s still far better than Nike.
  11. (Way Too) Early RB Rankings 2019

    That’s not the best argument either. He only had 27 receptions. In 2014 Lynch had nearly 10 YPR and near 80% catch rate with more receptions than Breida. Is he a great receiver? No, not really. YPR has very little to do with actual receiving ability and the low reception numbers tell me the player isn’t a great receiver. Thus, most of his receptions are going to be easier by design.
  12. Pats/Chiefs

    It’s not particularly difficult to figure out that a “be” was left out and the sentence should read “On a neutral field, it would BE a pick em game.” Seems like you found an issue with the sentence just to find an issue with the sentence.
  13. (Way Too) Early RB Rankings 2019

    The yards per reception argument for who is a better receiver has got to be one of the most annoying arguments I see on this forum.
  14. Pats/Chiefs

    What is so hard to understand about that sentence? I'll explain as simply as I can. If the game between the Chiefs and Patriots was played on a neutral field. You know, where no team is at home. Then it would be a flat out pick em game. That means the game would be an even spread and you just flat out pick the winner. It's really a simple sentence. Also, stop throwing the word troll around everytime someone disagrees.
  15. Jacksonville Jaguars 2019 Outlook

    I don't know why you are quoting me on that...
  16. Pats/Chiefs

    Sigh.. When Vegas releases the spread for football games, the home team typically gets an extra 2.5-3 point advantage for playing at home. That is the advantage that Vegas (and the data) see for a team playing at home. The Chiefs are a 3 point favorite in the game. However, this is with the home field advantage factored in. Basically, Vegas thinks the teams are evenly matched. Vegas isn't picking the Chiefs to win because they think they are better than the Patriots. They are picking the Chiefs to win because they believe the teams are evenly matched but KC is at home. Even then, Vegas isn't about picking who they think will win. Their spreads aren't meant to be predictions. They are designed to get an even amount of bets on both sides. So the Vegas argument isn't a valid one no matter how you look at it. Also, a lot of "experts" are picking the Patriots. Again, they aren't really all that much of an underdog. Them winning wouldn't be an underdog story. Not even damn close.
  17. Pats/Chiefs

    Eh. Underdogs i'll give you that. However, people don't think they suck like Brady said and the underdog status is so minimal that there isn't really a need to mention it. On a neutral field, it would a pick em game.
  18. Jacksonville Jaguars 2019 Outlook

    The reality is some franchises just suck. Sure, sometimes these excuses for a franchise manage to have a good year or two due to the stars aligning or them winning the lottery but then they always screw it up and go back to being bad. Jacksonville is one of those franchises.
  19. (Way Too) Early RB Rankings 2019

    McKinnon is going to be a flat out steal this year. I'm not the biggest fan of him but people are going to think Breida is more of a threat than he really is going to be. McKinnon will probably have an ADP somewhere in round 5-7 and Shanny prints out RB1s.
  20. Pats/Chiefs

    Well yes, they were the underdog because that likely MVP until HIS INJURY... you know...had his injury.
  21. One of the most intriguing players going into 2019. If Ingram leaves, would anyone take him first overall? It's not really a stretch. After all, he was the RB1 overall without Ingram through 4 weeks this year and it is not that close. However, if Ingram were to resign that is when things get really interesting. I just cannot see myself taking him. Yes, he still finished 5th overall but man is it brutally frustrating. Watching your first round pick split is not for me. In the 11 games with Ingram, Kamara had just as much games with under 50% snaps as games with over 65% (2).
  22. Alvin Kamara 2019 Outlook

    Wait... You’re telling me that Ingram and Hill aren’t as good as Kamara?!?