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  1. Looking for 12 team yahoo PPR draft tonight! Willing to pay between $100-200 entry fee.
  2. Hello All, My long running 12 Team PPR $150 league, very competitive and full of great guys, is drafting this Wednesday at 8:15pm. One manager had a last minute emergency and had to bail out of the league. Rosters are : QB, WR, WR, WR, RB, RB, W/R/T, W/R/T, Kicker Defense. Standard PPR scoring, 4 points per passing touchdown. Let me know if you want invite! Really fun league
  3. $200 Yahoo PPR Snake 12 Team LeagueSafe, $1,000 first place!

    High scoring... pretty standard stuff, etc...

    10 starters, 7 bench, 2 flex, PPR, bonuses for qbs, wr, & rbs with 40 yd tds, etc... 

    4 Divisions. 6 make playoffs. H2H.
    12 teams Yahoo.
    $1,000 first place, $750 second place, 
    $450 third place, $200 4th place.
    $200 entry.
    Snake Drafting 9.1.19.
    Been running leagues for 20 plus years.
    Wanted to kick it up a notch this season.
    We want you!
    Email with any questions.
  4. Looking for a 12 Team PPR YAHOO League. League safe preferred. Willing to pay anywhere from $100-250 in league fee. Hoping to draft tonight or this week. thanks
  5. Willing to pay 100-200 for buy in. Anytime today works
  6. I am an experienced manager looking for a 12 team PPR league through yahoo that’s drafting today or tonight!!! willing to buy in for $100-200 thanks
  7. Looking to draft in a 12 team PPR LEAGUE ON YAHOO. Willing to pay $100-$200 for entry fee. Hoping to draft either Saturday night or Sunday.
  8. Looking to join league drafting tonight, buy in $100-$150-$200. Yahoo only
  9. Experienced manager here looking for competitive league with $150-$200 entry fee and league run through Yahoo. I am highly competitive.
  10. can you put the link in for invite? can't find out how to join through league id
  11. He has been off to a ridiculous start. .378 average with nine homers and 1.215 OPS. I remember there being a lot of hype last year for Mac, then he got a concussion and never recovered. I picked him up where I could in my deeper leagues. He's in Coors too this week.
  12. Up by 12.85 in my PPR league. Opponent only has Royce Freeman Tonight. Going to be close.
  13. Experienced Fantasy football player looking for 12 team PPR league Yahoo, $150 buy in. Looking to draft either tonight 9/3 or tomrrow night 9/4 thanks!