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  1. Brandin Cooks > Sterling Shepard > Jeffery > Washington if Juju is out
  2. I have Brady and the Pats D/ST and don't like the correlation plus Brady has been bad last 2 weeks. Do I pickup and stream any of these QBs or do I stick with Brady? Mayfield vs Miami Garoppolo vs GB Driskel @Redskins
  3. Id go for Evans. I worry about Godwin. After the increased snaps for Howard and Arians saying he'd like to keep throwing it often to RoJo I feel Godwins targets will be fewer than before.
  4. Hill for upside Singletary with his catches for floor.
  5. Amendola, Dallas allows most of their points around his routes. Id go with 49ers.
  6. Eagles have Jordan Matthews as their WR1. Play the NE dst.
  7. No i think Id stay put because you have Carson who's injury prone.
  8. I need to fill my RB2 spot: R.Freeman(horrible 1 game with Allen) R.Mostert(2nd RB but possible positive game) K.Ballage (Flores says same workload as last week) D.Guice(Splitting with AP in low total game) I also need to fill my FLEX: D.Parker(T White coverage) J.Cook(Good matchup but would then be starting 2 TEs with him and Kelce. And any of the Rbs
  9. Bisi Johnson or DT(in Josh Hermsmeyers Buy Low Model this week).
  10. I'd go Coleman and Carson. Im not 100 percent that Gore has gone away.
  11. Rivers @ Raiders D.Jones @ Jets Jimmy G vs Seahawks Ryan Tannehill vs Chiefs
  12. Yes of course. I'd do it in a heartbeat.
  13. Yes, especially in a 10 team league.I'd rather do the Top one, Im more confident in Zeke than in Murray after last week.