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  1. Adam Humphries 2018 Outlook

    Staying away. Too difficult to predict who will get action, he has to contend with Evans, Jackson, Godwin, and Howard...
  2. Geronimo Allison 2018 Outlook

    You should be picking up Allison if he is available. This is a no-brainer.
  3. Josh Gordon 2018 Outlook

    Probably rolling with Fuller
  4. 2018 Roster Recap

    Ended up with a lot of: Brandin Cooks Jamaal Williams a couple Will Fuller's, Mike Williams', and TY Hilton's
  5. Adam Thielen 2018 Outlook

    Completely clueless
  6. John Ross 2018 Outlook

    That route in the video was pretty nasty. He will compete with Boyd for targets. Not a bad flier I guess.
  7. Jack Doyle 2018 Outlook

    "Tough as nails"
  8. Ricky Seals-Jones 2018 Outlook

    Petty offense
  9. Jerick McKinnon 2018 Outlook

    Seems to me to be reasonable/smart to lock up a Shanahan backfield at whatever cost.
  10. Nelson Agholor 2018 Outlook

    Yes, they make an effort to get him involved because he is a bit of a playmaker. Not a bad WR3 to start the season IMO.
  11. Joe Mixon 2018 Outlook

    Have to decide between keeping Mix On Mix Off in the 4th or Young D Hen in the 7th. Nicknames aren't my strong suit.
  12. Julian Edelman 2018 Outlook

    Cheaters gonna cheat
  13. Allen Hurns 2018 Outlook

    Not a chance. But 900 / 6-7 is.
  14. Hunter Henry 2018 Outlook

    rip HH. Must suck so bad to lose your season in May.
  15. Julian Edelman 2018 Outlook

    Gotta wonder how long TB12 can keep it goin'. He'll be 41 when the seasons starts.