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  1. Does he lose playing time with bautista coming over? Does this make him replaceable?
  2. I’d rather have Baez, rendon and nola
  3. Any injuries might push Mc into a starting role on a dominant team. Do it if you can stand to lose simmons
  4. I’d stay put w Profar in a keeper
  5. Agreed it’s a coin toss and I’d do it if you need the corresponding stats.
  6. 12 team H2H Points Can Keep 5 at staggering years and every year it decreases. Already have Betts - 4 more Correa - 3 more DeGrom - 2 more So I can fill any of the following into my 5 year spot or bump any of the above down to keep them for longer. I’m sitting in first too and have OF depth. Snell Albies Hoskins Aguilar Ohtani (can only use either or) Brantley
  7. When's he getting traded? Need him to start giving me some saves or he's a drop for me.
  8. Anyone have any idea why he's sitting so much? He hits, and plays mediocre defense, no reason they shouldn't be giving La Tortuga a chance to become El Conejo.
  9. Someone who doesn’t K much is always valuable. The fan graphs article sold me on a potential plus plus contact guy at a position (C) that’s struggling overall to produce. Worth the shot IMO, MLB has never really seen the likes of this type of player before with such low K% and such high contact rate. I mean, Vlad, but he is a HoF. Read somewhere that is power numbers are trending upward and every contact hitter nowadays seems to sprinkle in at least 15 HRs with the juiced ball. Overall, to me, definitely worth a shot if not anything because he did something else I’ve never seen done before on a baseball field... remember that blind catcher pickoff from spring training? That was this guy. Also made a nifty little barehanded play at 3rd yesterday when reports say his defense is iffy.
  10. I wouldn’t budge. If he wants Albies that much let him overwhelm you w an offer which he doesn’t seem to be doing.
  11. As an Albies owner in a keeper league, I wouldn’t want Goldy over Albies.
  12. 12 team weekly H2H points (wins count) Keep 5 for 5 years max each player. I give: Ohtani, Snell, Pollock I get: Arenado, Quintana, Gio Gonzalez Ohtani’s value is limited bc it’s a weekly lineup set and his innings are limited bc of the pitch every 6 day thing. Can’t use him as both. I have DeGrom, Lester, ERod, Porcello as other main SPs. He also has Walker Buehler, would you do that instead of Gio?
  13. Correa Ozuna Nola McCullers and toss up for the 5th
  14. 12-team H2H League (2015 Champ) Keep up to 5 forever and non-keep selections result in a draft pick for that corresponding round.. For example, I keep 3 guys and I'll have a pick in the theoretical 4th and 5th round of the lot of guys that weren't selected as keepers. So basic rule of thumb is to keep guys who are in the Top 60 players overall. Need help with the last three to keep. Pitchers are tough to come by too. Correa - def keeping Dozier Betts - def keeping Pollock Conforto DeGrom Paxton McCullers Godley E. Santana Leave a link and I'll help yours too if I can