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  1. wonder what happen when the trade involve both co-comish and comish? LOL
  2. at this point yes, might be a lost half season for Fournette, make sure u pick up Chupp if u loses Hyde though.
  3. 12 Team 1/2 PPR. 3 trades since last week Give AB, get Barkley Give Crowell, get Sanders Give Murray, get Graham
  4. Package D. Johnson since he has a decent game, for a RB2/WR2 upgrade. Something like Hyde/Golladay. don't expect WR1 in return but try to target known producer.
  5. Williams. You already see how he does on GB without Jones. So just need to see Jones will be any better. Mariota is hurt, so currently Correy stock is down but can only improve from now on. Don't see Williams can improve with A Jones back. help:
  6. i think you give up too much for Sequon. Evan + Ekler should be fair. help
  7. it'll take time but G-Men offence will eventually clicks. do it: help
  8. yep.. help
  9. I'd rather have Gordon. help
  10. with Gordon comming on. Maybe Hogan value will drop. i'd take the deal. help;
  11. how does your WR look, perhaps trade Ajayi to upgrade the WR?
  12. Giving up b. Cook and Hyde for Howard RB: Gordan, Miller, Hyde, Mitchell, Linsay, Murray WR: JuJu, Adam, Cook, j Brown, Enunwa, Allison Pull the trigger?