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  1. Now that the final game is in the books, anybody have an idea of any potential corrections?
  2. I'm between Kelly and Larry Fitz. With how confusing the Rams/Media have been about Gurley, it's hard for me to believe them when they say Anderson would be next man up. It's probably wishful thinking, but I am just not sure how much of the offense CJA can pick up in 4 days. That makes me want to play Kelly in a mouth watering matchup.
  3. In a superflex league yes. My issue is Gurley is averaging 30 ppg, while Brady is at 18 ppg. Just dont want to start Gurley and have him get 10 touches.
  4. That's my biggest hang up. Gurley's worst game is 11.6 points, and Brady's was 7.8 points.
  5. Fournette, but I dont feel great about it Help please
  6. I have him in over Brady in a superflex league currently, but dont feel great about it. Funny how things change so quickly.
  7. Mack, Mixon, Williams Help please http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/738849-gurley-brady-fitz-or-kelly-whir/
  8. Yes, I'd rank them Anderson, Foster, Reynolds, Ridley Help please ?
  9. Could you start Michel, then wait and see about Gurley? If he's active, lean him over DJ and if he's not, play DJ? Tough choice, but I might be inclined to that and adjust my line up according to how my matchup is going this afternoon.
  10. They aren't making this easy on us are they?
  11. I was feeling better about Brady, then saw this. Although I admit he's still probably the safer play.