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  1. I'm buying in this year. I like him a lot. Obviously depends on price once draft time hits.
  2. I love Mixon this year. Just need to see how expensive he gets as the hype gets louder and louder. Just hope his price can stay somewhat affordable and think he is a buy buy buy.
  3. Better than that other Jones WR in ATL. At least this firmware of Jones scores TDs. Multiple TDs in the same game even.
  4. So if he is one of the smartest coaches of all time and the Patriots one of the greatest organizations of all time (over last 17 year reign), then why didn't he make the right choice? Patriots are headed to the playoffs. You don't trade Brady. Regardless, Brady will retire in a Patriots uniform.
  5. 100% satire.  don't know a damn thing about law.  just making up words for kicks.

    not sure what kind of a-hole that makes me... but damn it was fun. 


  6. #5 TE in points per game. With Dak playing the way he has been, Witten will keep putting up points.
  7. Sick TD grab today. He needs to be a bigger focus of this offense instead of this super conservative dink and dunk offense. Lions are better when they play aggressively on offense.
  8. Yeah but if he doesn't get a TD..... wish he was up in the 7-9 targets a game range. Not sure he will get that this season. Thought he would be a late round steal.
  9. Don't open them. Hundreds of other threads to read on here instead. Millions of other websites to checkout online instead.
  10. Carr put up 262/2 on the Titans. Jaguars at home. Can't believe I'm considering playing this fool. May the fantasy gods have mercy on us....
  11. This dude is clueless. AR15 is down with a left knee injury and Bortles comes up and hits him right on the injured knee. Idiot.
  12. Thats not cheating. Every team tries to know the other team's plays. That is part of being prepared. Even in baseball teams try to read or steal the other side's signs. It is your job to make sure the other team doesn't steal your signs/plays/schemes.