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  1. If you're planning on taking Zeke in round one, do you reach for Pollard? When is too early? I'd probably take him in the 8th but I wouldnt like it. I think you have to make sure you get him unless you go Rb/Rb/Rb in the draft.
  2. Per Marty Hurney it's a mid foot sprain and they're cautiously optimistic he'll be ready for week one.
  3. If he's reinstated I'd only take him in rounds 10-15, and I'd only feel good about it in 12+. He didn't set the world on fire when he was playing and based on his past is unlikely to finish the season.
  4. Yeah he's done. I loved him coming into this year and I was wrong. I wish him the best but I think his football days are done.
  5. Trusting Eric ebron in the championship is giving me heartburn, but I don't think I can bench him because he's been so good for most of the year. Here's to hoping he doesn't have two duds in a row.
  6. It's mostly used sarcastically now on Panthers forums/reddit. He hasn't been the riverboat ron in a long time. He only ever gambled and became "riverboat" when he was on the hot seat in 2013. After that he reverted to ultra conservative and has historically favored vets and is risk averse. That said, I do think he'll start getting DJ Moore involved more often because he looks like the best WR on the team when he gets the ball and isn't fumbling.
  7. I would argue that Kevin Benjamin was successful his rookie year and decent in year three (acl tear year 2). As a Panthers fan, I would also argue that Cam hasn't had a true WR1 since Early Kelvin pre-knee and weight issues and Steve Smith. Besides Greg Olsen and, more recently, CMC he hasn't had much to work with. I'm cautiously optimistic with DJ Moore. He looks really fast whenever he gets the ball and I HOPE that this game was a wake up call for Rivera to give more play time and targets to DJ. Ron is notoriously reluctant to adapt since his riverboat season, so if Torrey Smith is healthy I fully expect him to be active and playing a lot. I hope I'm wrong, but that's Ron's modus operandi.
  8. I didn't end up vetoing it, five others did though. It's up again after the veto with slight changes: Out of it team (Team A) gives: Davante Adams (could be kept for a 9th round pick next year), round 14 pick, round 15 pick First place team (Team B) gives: Brandin Cooks (could be kept for a 2nd round pick next year), Doug Baldwin (could be kept with a 7th round pick next year), Peyton Barber, round 3 pick, round 6 pick This league has been around since 2007 and this is only the third trade ever vetoed, both others were between these same two teams.
  9. FWIW, if anyone is curious, I didn't veto but it did get vetoed. Five vetoed (that admitted it) and Team B has been on a texting rampage all day.
  10. 10 team standard scoring keeper league, can keep up to 3 players at a cost of one round higher than where they were drafted (or an 8 for free agent). Can't keep players drafted in the first two rounds. As a preface, it's common for teams that are out of it to sell off assets that they either can't keep or don't plan on keeping for higher draft picks. A top 10 rb or wr will generally get you a 3rd-4th round pick. Also, Team A has been known to make really boneheaded trades, some of which have been vetoed in the past with these same two managers. A player who is out of it completed this trade to the team currently in first: Out of it team (Team A) gives: Davante Adams (could be kept for a 9th round pick next year), round 10 pick, round 15 pick First place team (Team B) gives: Brandin Cooks (could be kept for a 2nd round pick next year), Doug Baldwin (could be kept with a 7th round pick next year), round 3 pick, round 7 pick At first it seems even, but the more I thought about it, it's really in favor of team B. Team A is currently out of it and his only good keeper players are Davante Adams and Jared Goff (whom he could keep with a 13th). A player like Davante Adams, if he was not a keeper, would go in either the late first or early second round next year based on available players. Team B is improving his team this year by moving Cooks for Adams and next year by getting a solid WR1 for a 9th round pick, all for a third round pick. Team A doesn't improve his team this year or next year because Davante Adams for a 9th next year is much better than getting a lesser player for a 3rd next year. He gets Baldwin, but Baldwin has been real doodoo this year. Team A is unlikely to keep Brandin Cooks next year based on the cost. I just can't see the upside here for Team A.
  11. At this point I don’t want any pass catcher on the Pats and that doesn’t change if DT goes there. Like you said, too many mouths to feed, receiver switching teams in the middle of the season, etc.
  12. Are your friends just random fans or do they have inside info? If they're just random dudes who like the Broncos they don't know anything more than anybody with google. Not trying to be snarky, but fans aren't always the best sources of information. If DT gets traded I think Sutton has high end WR2 upside ROS. If not, he's low WR2/high WR3 for me. Keenum isn't great but Sutton is trending up and DT is still trending down. I think next year Sutton will be a popular sleeper pick.
  13. I lost by 0.18. He had drew Brees. If drew hadnt thrown that last 9 yard pass before coming out in the fourth quarter, or if my QB Matt Ryan didn’t get taken out of the game in the fourth.... Not my year in that league. Several losses by slim margins.
  14. Up by 36.7 in non-ppr vs Brees, Jordan Reed, Will Lutz. I am pretty boned I think.
  15. I'm not sure if it's just my league or just Yahoo but I was able to add him directly to my IR slot without having to drop anyone (with a full roster). Lamar Miller is painful to watch right now. I know it's a bad o-line but Miller's PFF grade is 61.6 (HB #40). Even discounting that he's been ineffective two years in a row with only volume being the upside. If you can add him to an IR slot he's worth a shot.