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  1. pay me the $600 u owe me for winning your trash a** league pussy!

  2. Have 12 but looking for 14 .need 2 more and were drafting at 830 tonight.12/14 team h2h,9 cat with $700 prize pool and top 3 places pay out with top 8 getting into the playoffs. League fees are through paypal email me this is a non keeper redraft league that has been running for almost 10 years now.lets keep this going
  3. Draft is 830 cdt need two kore for 14! Este8116@gmail.comfor details
  4. Got 12 and need two more for 14 .Drafting in less than 3 hours
  5. Need one more for 12 guys ! drafting tonight 7pm cdt will run with either 12-14 me- for details
  6. Got 11 just need 1 or 3 more to run 12/14.will draft friday if league is filled
  7. Yahoo $55 fantasy league.10/14 teams $700 prize pool with top 3 places paying out.9 cat,h2h ultra competitive league with fees through paypal. for more details.we will draft as soon as league is full
  8. $55 yahoo league via paypal.need 4 more managers!!!14 team h2h league with top 8 making playoffs and top 3 Places paying out..non keeper as we redraft every season.ultra competitive league running for almost 10 seasons now and looking to keep our season alive ! for more details
  9. Allright guys still need a few more for tonights 7 pm draft! Everyone is welcome just looking for a few more competitive managers for this great league. Again 14 team,h2h, 9 cat 8 make the playoffs with top 3 places paying out.league is yahoo and draft it 7 pm tonight cdt. email me at for more details.gonna try my best to keep this league going
  10. 14 team,9 cat,h2h top 8 in playoffs with top 3 paying out .league has been running for almost 10 years and looking for a few more dedicated managers .league fees are thriugh paypal and email me for more details .
  11. Draft sunday 22nd 7pm.14 team h2h,9 cat league need managers.top3 payout with top 8 getting into the playoffs . Email for more details league fees through paypal
  12. Top 3 places payout in this 14-16 team battle royal! Need 5 more managers for a sunday oct.22 draft! 9 cats with 8 teams getting in the playoffs .been running this league for almost 10 years and reallxy hope to keep the league me at. for more details
  13. 9 cats,h2h,top 8 make the playoffs with top 3 places paying out.14-16 teams with funds being transferred through paypal.Been running this league for almost 10 years now.draft is october 22 at 7 pm. Email me at for more details