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  1. In the semis and Kenaan Allen started me off with a real rough beginning. I’m projected to lose by 17. Start McDonald or Ian Thomas for TE?
  2. Bro, not a good start to the week for me... Allen hurt, and Rivers throwing TDs to someone other than Allen haha. Can only hope Allen comes back and beasts, and very little plays made by Rivers outside of it going to Allen
  3. And there Blount is sitting right on my waiver wire, and I chose Ellington instead for a desperate FLEX. All on me, but dang
  4. Here we go! Marvin Jones and Kerryon both out for me, forcing me to throw Bruce Ellington in the Flex. Hoping for a Tate like performance!
  5. Thanks for help on mine. I like Howard and Michel I think of these guys. Will has the most usage and opportunity I would think. Riddick would be my runner up
  6. Hard not to bench Chicago... I like Chicago D, and Howard. Smith has an injury and am unsure of his status for this week
  7. Haha true true. That’s why I was at least leaning Ellington as a slot play with Stafford
  8. Reynolds over MVS for me moving forward. MVS always has a chance to go for a good game with Rodgers, but he just looks off Help with mine too please?
  9. I’m in a similar boat, with some real tough decisions in the flex because of injuries. I like Smith first, then MVS or McGuire Help with mine too please?
  10. I really wish there were better options... this is just a bad week for it all to fall. I feel confident in the rest of my team, but outside of the guys listed it is players like Gore, Stills and David Moore
  11. Chubb, and DJ for sure. I think I’m going to lean Michel on this one, although I do think Cohen could be in for a couple of good sweeps or screen passes his way Help with mine too please?
  12. Oh boy, not the best if options. I think DET could be a decent bet out of any of those choices this week, and they are playing at home. Go DET Help with mine too please?
  13. Carson, Adams and Riddick! Help with mine too please?