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  1. Anyone worth a #1 WW claim? RBs - only guy I can think of is Mostert, but he's in a timeshare. Ty Johnson for upside/handcuff WRs - I don't know how much I believe in Robinson. Mahomes is going to elevate anyone in that offense, but Robinson is a rental I feel like. Chark has potential
  2. Trade 1 is hard to decipher right now. I think too early to tell. As for trade 2, I'd say Kelce and Carson by a landslide Help with mine too please? Thanks!
  3. Looking over the roster, I agree with previous conclusions. Drop Jones for Deebo, and Herndon for Chark Help with mine too please? Thanks!
  4. Definitely first deal. Getting solid upgrades at a number of positions in a thin roster setting with 16 teams Help with mine too please? Thanks!
  5. The 1 for 1 would definitely be the most ideal! Nice job reworking that roster too! Keep it up
  6. Yeah, Hopkins is not just a top tier player, but he is elite. I get your idea of moving him, but that is a huge downgrade in individual production. I'm definitely for packaging for an upgrade though. Maybe try snagging an RB that is still on the cusp, like Singletary, Lindsay, shoot even Hyde could be cheap, and in that fantastic offense. Thanks for help on mine!
  7. Hmm... if you are set on getting Lindsay, I'd consider dropping Duke. He is near invisible right now in that offense, and Hyde is gaining traction. The one downside is that Hyde has an injury history. So, if he goes down Duke will assume the #1 role. CT has a role in WASH, I just don't know how prominent it will be as the season progresses. Either way, I'd go for Lindsay. Help with mine too please? Thanks!
  8. I would be more inclined to go with the first option as well. McLaurin is looking to be the real freaking deal though, which would be my one apprehension for your Keeper league moving forward. Help with mine too please? Thanks!
  9. I'd say a little premature to give up on him yet, but you could drop someone on the back end of your roster for a TE backup plan if available Help with mine too please? Thanks!
  10. Save that #1 WW. This is most likely a week to hold off and see if someone falls through the cracks Help with mine too please? Thanks!
  11. Im trying to make some moves like you, but I feel like Shady and Landry for Boyd might be a bit much. I think it would help load off some "unnecessary" depth. Maybe try Landry straight up for Boyd first to see if they might bite on the name. If not, like I said, it could be a little bit of an oversell, but you'd be getting the more consistent player you need Help with mine too please? Thanks!
  12. Looking to add to my RB depth, and possibly trade a 2 for 1 to upgrade at WR. I currently have a TON of WR depth, and my roster is fortunately looking to be one of the stronger ones thus far in the league... With Evans struggling early, I dont have a home run hitter at WR, but a big log jam of consistent producers... Who would you suggest I trade away (Evans, Golladay, Kupp, Ridley, Sutton, McLaurin)? One trade I currently just got offered is their Devin Singletary + Sammy Watkins for my Mike Evans and Courtland Sutton. The trade is not something I'm considering because Watkins is going to digress, but at least gives me a ground for a counter. He roster consists of Dak, D Adams, T Hill, Watkins, Mack, J Jacobs, Singletary, Coleman and Kittle I don't know if he would bite, but I thought of countering his Adams or Hill + Singletary for my Evans and one of (Kupp/Golladay/Ridley/McLaurin)? ORRRRR Do I just stay put and be content? Here is my Roster: 2019 Fantasy Football League (12-Team .5 PPR League | 4pt Passing TDs) QB: Jared Goff WR: Mike Evans, Kenny Golladay, Cooper Kupp, Calvin Ridley, Terry McLaurin, Sutton RB: Ezekiel Elliott, Chris Carson, Austin Ekeler, Alexander Mattison TE: Vance McDonald, Darren Waller FLEX: K: Will Lutz DEF: DAL
  13. Had no problem dropping him for a better opportunity elsewhere.
  14. Yeah, he has deserved a place in my lineup too. I have Evans, Golladay, Kupp and him. It’s kind of a spoil of riches, but definitely going to need to start giving him what he is due