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  1. I think you need to get more in return than a QB. Ask for something else on top for your TE, a WR probably. Streaming QBs is much easier than streaming TEs... sometimes the best move is not moving. thanks for answering mine dude!
  2. Wentz I guess but that’s rough. Nobody else available? Like josh Allen? help with mine?
  3. Thanks guys. Anyone else have an opinion? i do like the fact that I get rid of 2 injury prone guys ...
  4. Stick with your studs, start Ingram and Andrews. Help with mine?
  5. Maybe Kamara if you have an easy match this week? He's on bye so good selling point to Kamara owner. Otherwise maybe try a 2 for 1 for Elliot. Although honestly I'd personally keep my studs and try trading a decent WR for a decent RB with a friendly schedule. Help wiht mine?
  6. Play Allen, poor opponent and QB rushing is a cheat code. Help with mine?
  7. I'd go Sutton & Singletary. Monty scares me this week and Singletary is pointing up.
  8. Full PPR, 8 team league. Start 1qb, 2rb, 3wr, 2flex Team in 1st place (luckily, his team isn't great) offered me this. I'm 4-4 with a great team. I get Lamar Jackson & Ekeler, and I give up Sony Michel & AJ Green. My team is... Josh Allen McCaffrey, D. Cook, Michel, Montgomery, M. Sanders, Singletary, Mattison OBJ, Thielen, T. Hill, Golladay, AJ Green, Ridley Mark Andrews 49's & Zuerlein Seems like a good deal for me... but my worries are Ekeler being worse with the Chargers OC change/Gordon back, and Lamar's bad playoff schedule (wks 13-16). Sony has a great playoff schedule & I'd hate for AJ Green to be a WR1 which would greatly strengthen his team against me in playoffs. If I say no, my team is still stacked other than QB. Thoughts? If it matters, he's also got Rodgers, Gurley, Conner, Adams, Godwin, Waller as his only good players. Rest are RB/WR 3s or worse.
  9. What do you mean by this? DId you mean ban trade vetos?
  10. Brown for Sony Michel & Golladay. 12 team, 0.5 PPR. The team that received Brown is in the playoffs, and the other teams probably facing him in the playoffs are in an uproar. Is that an outlandish trade that should be veto'ed? Brown is obviously an elite WR, and I'd say Sony is a borderline RB1 rest of season, probably in the 10-15 RB range. Golladay I'd say is a WR2 with WR1 upside. To me its a decent trade with the team receiving Brown probably the slight winner. But not by enough to veto. Can I get some unbiased opinions here?
  11. I am in a 10 team auction draft and we can keep 2 players for last year's price + $5. Waiver wire pickups are $5 the first year. I am debating who to use as my second keeper. 10 team, h2h, 0.5ppr, $200 auction budget 1. Kamara for $5 (obviously) 2. Hunt for $37 or Josh Gordon for $5? Who should I keep as #2? Thanks, WHIR
  12. Looking to join another ESPN league, flexible on settings but prefer 9cat H2H weekly. Thinking $20 or so using LeagueSafe. Anyone have a league started or would be interested if I started one? I'm only in 1 league currently and usually im in several!
  13. Any teams still available? I see two with the ******'s on the team name still. If so, I'll take Disn N Dunk as first choice, and Worchester Sharks as 2nd choice.