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  1. Thanks for mine. 1 seems like a wash for me. I like 2 better since it a 4 per passing TD. Elliot over Jacobs is a bigger upgrade than the downgrade from Maholmes for Murray
  2. Thanks for mine. Tough question but I going to side with Bell and OBJ. OBJ is way better than Gallup but Chubb is a little better than Bell but has the uncertainty of Hunt. Bell also gets his QB back which has already shown makes their offense way better.
  3. MVS cause Adams is out and he’s the deep guy. One long catch and some help from Prater could get you 9
  4. 0.5PPR League should would you rather have rest of season Joe Mixon or Melvin Gordon? Mixon has the back field. Gordon maybe splitting. Mixon’s o-line sucks and I’m not sure if it’s gdtting better. Gordon’s o-line is pretty bad as well and they just lost their center. The hope for Mixon is if AJ comes back. Gordon’s hope is that he’s just shaking off rust.
  5. Yahoo League: Why didn’t Jake Elliot the kicker for the Eagles lose points for his interception before half time?
  6. Definitely. I'm just hoping to see usage rather than insane production. 49ers are a good defense.
  7. Yeah Engram went down and the waiver wire is putrid. I'm hoping limited snaps means he's playing on downs where he might get targets and block less. Gut feeling is he can't be much worse and has much better upside going forward even if he gooses me this week.
  8. Thanks for the reminder. Could have sworn he was taken in both my leagues and double checked the league were I lost Engram. Rather stash Henry till Sunday and play him if he plays than some of the other junk on the waiver. If he plays limited snaps I'm going to assume its for a passing play. Those 1-3 targets are just as good as the other guys.
  9. Took a lotto ticket. Hyped all off season and if Gurley sits we should see real quick what his role is.
  10. Someone just dropped him in my league and this is what I’m considering. I need a play next week if Saquon sits. Dolphins look like a great get right game for him
  11. Keep. Someone just tweeted that he might be coming back Thursday. Could be BS but either way stash
  12. Is Dallas @NO really a good play this week or should I stream? Consensus rankings have them #10 this week, above all the waiver DST of Pittsburg, Seattle, Tennessee and Indy.
  13. C. Thompson in any type of PPR. I own Drake and am holding cause there is nothing available. He’s burning a hole in my bench and my only hope is him getting traded
  14. Yes. Hard as it maybe he hasn’t been good and has a tough schedule coming up with BAL and surprisingly the 49ers. I’m not sure a #3 waiver is necessary for those two guys unless you feel guys are desperate for a QB in your league. They should make it to FA
  15. ROS in a 0.5 PPR who would you rather have Kerryon Johnson or Miles Sanders? Kerryon has been under performing with less than 2 ypc but is getting all the work now that CJ is gone. He also isn’t getting catches like you would expect with Riddick gone Sanders is slowly getting a bigger work share in a RBBC in a better offense but also fumbled twice last week and rode the line afterwards.