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  1. Depends on your needs but I'd go Graham for the ceiling. Graham is basically their goal line guy
  2. TE: Graham or Doyle? 0.5 PPR

    Graham for upside of TDs
  3. Def & QB...whir

    CHI for me. To be perfectly honest it's because everything I've read and heard has analysts drooling all over them. No personal feeling Thanks for mine
  4. To AJG or not to AJG WHIR

    Logic says Bryant but I don't think I could sit AJG with the ceiling he has. The Bengals do bone you though
  5. Rank these QBs 1-2-3 WHIR for SURE

    Foles... after that I'm not particularly confident in anyone. Thanks for mine
  6. Hyde or Semaje or M Davis

    Hyde purely on talent but I would temper my expectations since he doesn't get too many check downs with Garapalo under center now
  7. Devin Funchess 2017 Season Outlook

    Is his outlook bleak enough to start a waiver guy like K. Coles over?
  8. K. Cole easy I'm picking him up as well for a potential block or play . U
  9. Te and k help?

    Agreed. Ebron and Elliot http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/689532-who-to-flex-d-funchess-m-lynch-or-k-cole-05ppr/
  10. Olsen or Engram

    Close but I would got Engram. He's been getting the targets and Olsen is always one play away from sitting another week
  11. Waiver Claim Order

    I don't think he needs either but M. Bryant then J. Winston
  12. Martavis or Josh

    M. Bryant for me better offense and AB is out.
  13. I lost AB going into the championship game my team is in my signature. Who would you FLEX in a 0.5PPR D. Funchess, M. Lynch, or K. Cole? I have the #1WW so I can grab K. Cole Funchess scares me a little with what happen last week but he's been good since KB was traded.