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  1. 12 team standard scoring Big underdog - my oponent has T.Gurley. Should I bank on CJA if Gurley sits?? cheers
  2. I would go Allen based on his production last 3-4 weeks. Jackson scares me when he passes the ball and has potential to loose your game based on lost points (passing) Allen can do both
  3. cheers mate. Will fire up wIlliams. He looked soo good last week.
  4. cheers for reply Your logic is on point with mine. I think I will go with foster (havnt watched much games of his) Does he look the part. J.Allen scares me. I will check his targets cheers
  5. thanks for reply I also made championship in my other fantasy league. I have Trubisky and D.Watson Im leaning for Trubisky - I am a big underdod in this league by 30 points. He has Mahomes, Gurley, Antonio Brown and G.Kittle. So my backs against the wall. Im thinking of going all in on Trubisky. Or mitigate risk and play Trubisky in one league an D.Watson in the other cheers
  6. would go mack and williams as well. looks like ware is sitting. both RBs looked great last week
  7. 12 team standard scoring Michel, CJA or Williams??? cheers
  8. 12 team standard scoring Michel, CJA or Williams??? cheers
  9. 12 team standard scoring. Who would you take? I have M.Thomas locked in at WR1 Landry is floor scares me. Foster has been playing well lately but scared of J.Allen. Or Jordy Nelson has been playing well lately cheers
  10. 12 team standard my opponent and I are projected even 140 each who you got? Im liking Trubisky but Dak has a good match up
  11. Standard scoring I am also playing Texan dfs vs jets
  12. Standard scoring I'm up by 15 in my match due to playing Damien williams in flex