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  1. 12 team standard Rb2 spot I have white and Williams out I also have darwin Thanks
  2. My rbs are terrible qb k. Murray Rb mixon, d Williams, miles sanders And 2 lotteries Darwin and the Johnson Wr diggs, godwin, m brown and Josh Gordon Te ertz Bench Waller, Dorset
  3. 12 team standard I already have Zeke Ekeler Jame connor J jackson Hyde M.Gordon on ir Should I drop Hyde and pick up Zekes handcuff?
  4. I already have diggs, c Godwin, marquisse brown, Josh Gordon and d dorsett 12team standard scoring Did I do right thing?
  5. 12 team standard scoring I have Diggs and Chris Godwin as my other wrs
  6. 12 team standard I own both Zeke and Ekeler (Gordon on ir) Who should I take as fifth running back as handcuff? Pollard for Zeke Jackson for Ekeler? Cheers
  7. Standard scoring 12 team I'm projected to win with Diggs there Cheers
  8. Sorry yes it is Murray for tye montgomery What about dropping either Hyde or duke Johnson for tye Montgomery? They are my bench rbs as I have Melvin Gordon on bench
  9. Drop latavius for Murray 12 team standard My rbs are mixon, williams, sanders, Murray and Giovanni bernard Cheers
  10. With latest Le'Veon Bell news? Standard scoring - 12 team I already have Zeke, connor, ekeler, duke Johnson, hyde.....also have Melvin Gordon in it slot. Hyde actually looked ok.
  11. 12 team standard scoring Big underdog - my oponent has T.Gurley. Should I bank on CJA if Gurley sits?? cheers
  12. I would go Allen based on his production last 3-4 weeks. Jackson scares me when he passes the ball and has potential to loose your game based on lost points (passing) Allen can do both
  13. cheers mate. Will fire up wIlliams. He looked soo good last week.