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  1. Bucs D looks much improved through these first two games. With an improved defense, I can see them becoming more conservative on the offensive side of the ball to limit Jameis turning the ball over. Not great news for OJ, but I would still hold. OJ has not played well himself at all these first two games.
  2. Even better! I didn’t watch full game but every time I saw plays he was in.
  3. Great to see heavy usage today. Rarely came off the field it seemed like. Gase obviously has no problem giving him the ball plenty of times. Tough matchup today against the Bills but still 92 total yards with a TD. Lev should have a great floor all season.
  4. Forgot to mention this league also doubles points for rushing TDs from QBs (so 6 points become 12 points, etc.) so Allen naturally gets a little more bump in this league like Cam, L Jackson, Murray.
  5. I agree with above-I think Luck is 100% done for good and would drop for Carr. Dak should be fine for you. Thanks for mine.
  6. My main backup is Josh Allen. Nobody really on waivers, only starting QB left is Ryan Fitzpatrick (maybe). Larger bench size so people pick a lot of QBs. I am comfortable with Allen, but worry his scrambling could leave him as more of an injury risk. Should I trade for another QB or just roll with Allen? If so, who should I dangle out there? Roster: QBs: Allen and Manning RBs: Bell, D. Montgomery, Murray, Ballage, Breida WRs: Julio, Diggs, Boyd, Allison, Anthony Miller, Hollywood Brown TEs: Henry and Hockenson
  7. Misleading headline. Nothing in that article states they WILL “share the load”. Just saying IF Bell is a little rusty out of the gate, they are comfortable using T Mont some. Probably why Montgomery is getting so much work this preseason. I would argue their treatment of Bell this preseason is the exact opposite. They’re preserving his health because he will be an integral part of their offense, like other teams do with their superstars in the preseason.
  8. Winston played much better the 2nd half of the season. If there is a coach who could unleash his full potential, it’s BA.
  9. Very excited for Jameis if Arians ends up in Tampa. Godwin should see a nice bump in his downfield system as well. Especially with DJax out.
  10. Jeffery, Chargers D and Badgley. Thanks for mine
  11. Allen, Reynolds and Williams. Thanks for mine
  12. Rivers Damien Williams Allen, Pettis, and Moore.