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  1. I get arguing that they didn't bring him back too soon.. But how can you say that's not "even in the slightest" of what happened when it was reported he had to convince the coaching staff to let him play? That fact alone is enough to say maybe they brought him back too soon. It's not some outlandish claim like you're making it out to be.
  2. That's the best part. CMC even got the garbage time goal line plunge. Love it.
  3. Because he shouldn't be out there, especially if you're league is ppr.
  4. Dunno. Mcvay said he'd know Wednesday or Thursday.
  5. Its most likely going to be the same split as last year coming out of the bye. Kamara will still produce... Like he did last year. I don't know why people think the Saints are going to move away from a formula that worked so well for them. Both guys are gonna eat. If you own one, choo choo.
  6. I think we would have heard more if this was a real issue. Carson is fine. Rest after being fed 32 carries last week and before a big workload against Arizona.
  7. He was #14 in standard last year. 16 the year before... What don't you understand about a solid WR2 in standard?
  8. I hate Hue as much as the next guy but even I don't think he's dumb enough to start Tyrod again. Baker could save his job(hopefully not).
  9. Like that's the thing, given his size I thought we were getting a guy that would majority of the time line up inside in the slot but he's a legit WR1(irl) . His hands are ridiculous.
  10. Landry is tough as sh*t. As a Browns fan I knew we were getting a guy that led the league in receptions but I had no idea how good he was.
  11. Anderson, Enunwa, and Kearse is not really that bad of a starting WR unit... Add Crowell and Powell, it's not like the Jets don't have weapons around Darnold.
  12. It wouldn't have come down to a field goal. We win that game if Baker starts.
  13. Well that's kinda what matters. Playing at the NFL level. And thus far in their short NFL careers, Baker has looked more impressive. To say it's a small sample size is an understatement, I get it. But that's what we have to go on. Every QB looks good in college. And honestly that Robbie Anderson TD from Darnold should have been picked. Detroit stinks.