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  1. Odell Beckham Jr. 2018 Outlook

    Agree, if you went WR/WR first 2 rounds, and were lucky enough to draft another top end WR with OBJ, then you are at least getting a high end WR2 from Beckham. I'd take Beckham and Brown or Beckham and Adams any day of the week
  2. Getting ready for the playoffs...

    I have the week 14 bye (thank god as I would've had Wilson vs Jags D) but I am stuck on what to do weeks 15 and 16 Wilson plays Rams @ home (Ranked 5 vs QB's) then Cowboys on road (Ranked 27 vs QB) Big Ben plays Patriots @ home (Ranked 29 vs QB's) then Texans on road (ranked 30th vs QB's) I've rode the Wilson train all the way to the bye, but Ben's match ups have me thinking he may be my playoff QB, what do you guys think?
  3. Deshaun Watson 2017 Season Outlook

    I picked up Watson 3 weeks ago for Wilson's week 6 bye and going to stick with him the rest of the year now. When I drafted Wilson, I was going to play him week in and week out. But judging from the remaining schedule for the Texans and Seahawks, these two combine make for a great QB1 schedule the rest of the season Watson has 4 "negative" matchups from week 6-16 Seahawks week 8 - Wilson a good start this week with depleted Texans D Ravens week 12 - Wilson plays 49ers Jags Week 15/Steelers week 16 - Wilson plays Rams at home week 15, Dallas week 16 Wilson has 1 "negative" matchup the rest of the season Jags week 14 - Watson plays 49ers Outside of these weeks, you can easily play the better match up as well but these two combined have me not worrying about my QB spot the rest of the year.