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  1. In one league, I am up 40 and I have Thomas left and he has CMC. Should be a lock but never know.....CMC could get 45 points and Thomas goose egg In another league I am up 46, and he has Kamara left So really, I just need a low scoring game tonight and I should be good!
  2. Umm, this is exactly what everyone who has Samuels is hoping your intended negative statement is actually a positive for all Samuels owners to hear. haha Remind me.....who did Big Ben dump the ball off to on a short pass in the Red Zone last game for a TD....
  3. Up 15 in PPR League I have Greg the Leg, he has Josh Reynolds Should be a fun Monday Night!!
  4. Debating between Houston and NO. Wanna save NO for another week, safe to take Hou over Washington?? 22 people left, $9k up for grabs...
  5. Agree, if you went WR/WR first 2 rounds, and were lucky enough to draft another top end WR with OBJ, then you are at least getting a high end WR2 from Beckham. I'd take Beckham and Brown or Beckham and Adams any day of the week