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  1. Looking for a Yahoo redraft league drafting Saturday the 24th. Up to $125 buy in. 12 team max. Half or full PPR. Head to Head or points only. Let me know if you have anything
  2. In the end this year, I learned you need to go with your gut on making start/sit decisions and picking up/starting waiver wire guys. Soak in opinions, rankings, matchup columns, etc., but then make your own decision. Rankings are not rigid and the end all be all. You have to be able to live with YOUR decisions. If I went with my gut more instead of following the masses or sticking with a guy that had previous success, I would have won more games. I also learned not to buy so hard in to preseason hype put out by coaches or fantasy football analysts. Got burned by multiple guys: Jamaal Williams, Chris Hogan, Kenny Stills, even Dion Lewis to an extent. To everyone playing in multiple leagues, make sure you diversify your shares! I played in the most leagues this year I ever have and for some reason got stuck on drafting certain guys to multiple teams and those guys didn't work out. I was able to recover some teams but not others. Diversify!
  3. The question is who becomes the better passer? Because the rushing ability is about the same.
  4. Thanks for the responses so far. Mixed responses which shows its not clear cut!
  5. I like Jackson if MG is out. If not then go Wilson if Breida is out.
  6. Long term question. In a keeper league would you rather have Lamar Jackson or Josh Allen? Currently have Lamar Jackson but Josh Allen is available. League rules allow for any player drafted after the first 3 rounds to be kept forever, so there is no draft cost/penalty. Both seem like the same player and assume Flacco will be let go after the season. This question is for 2 keeper leagues. In one league I have Brees with Lamar Jackson and have Philip Rivers with Lamar Jackson in the other. Thinking ahead for a replacement for each. WHIR leave a link!
  7. Yeah we will have to wait and see how he is listed but this is a positive sign.
  8. How does his outlook change now with McCown?
  9. I would say this is a bit concerning... Graham Barfield‏Verified account @GrahamBarfield 10h10 hours ago More With Jack Doyle (hip) back in the lineup in Week 8, Eric Ebron saw his snaps cut to 18% vs. OAK. Doyle at 75%. In three games where Doyle has played this year, Ebron's snap rates are 45% (Week 1), 26% (W2), 18% (W8). Doyle out-targeting Ebron 22 to 11.
  10. I'll begin to talk you out of it and let others chime in, but Lamar Freakin Miller had a 100yd game vs JAX and MIA didn't look very good against the run yesterday. AP had a good day vs Dallas yesterday.
  11. Would you consider dropping it to 10 teams to get it filled since no one has joined yet?
  12. Me too. Looking for 12 teams or less, snake, Yahoo, paid league, PPR