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  1. I'm thinking of replacing Dede with the Mc but I also have Thompson in at RB don't wanna over do it
  2. Pretty solid squad I think Goodwin could have a great season if healthy
  3. Would like to sit Jones against the Chicago defense just not sure how Monty will be used with 2 other RB
  4. It's between Montgomery and Aaron Jones in one of my leagues, I'm going with Monty since he faces a softer Defense..Let's gooooo
  5. True draft position does make a difference for at least the first round and it depends on how other players in your league are drafting too don't watch the solid RB's pass just because your married to "0 RB" strategy, by 3rd round there will be no solid RB's compared to true #1 WR's that'll be there. I feel if you miss the elite RB's rnd 1 then definitely get a elite WR but 2nd rnd should be a RB by 3rd rnd the RB dropoff will be obvious unless one of the good rookie RB get slept on so going for a better WR in that round would look like the smart thing but now your looking at 3rd tier RB's in the 4th rnd and it'll get uglier deeper in the draft..good luck to anyone not drafting a RB til 4th rnd or later hope your in one of my drafts
  6. Way more solid/#1 WR than RB this yr..0 RB til 5th rnd is just asking for a stressful season or straight up no intentions on winning
  7. Looking for 3 owners to fill up the league, payments and payouts are through If interested reply with email address and I'll send you a invite
  8. Got Hunt (5th rnd) and Chubb (WW) in a keeper league I feel both are worth keeping for at least cuffing purpose. Hunt will be well rested and if Duke is gone he'll get good snaps
  9. I knew about the incident and wondered all season when or if it would be brought up seemed like it wouldn't...#metoo will be all over this
  10. Looked way better than last week must be a fast healer, glad I kept him in lineup and didn't reach into the waivers
  11. Picked up Chubb at 9pm last night finally to handcuff Hyde now I have 2 solid RB's glad I didn't keep putting it off picking him up