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  1. Agree with this 100%. The Bulls are losing WITH LaVine playing anyway so no need to shut down without reason.
  2. Gary Harris, I sold him pretty much for a packet of chips. So I would say he is easily attainable.
  3. Need to salvage your line in the 2nd half Mr Towns!
  4. Well lock him away for being out 4 plus weeks. Get healthy Miro!
  5. The injury sucks, but I’m more concerned about the lack of timeline that won’t be given out.
  6. I picked him up for his 4 game week. This is music to my ears!
  7. I think that ship has sailed unfortunately. Been a headache so far.
  8. So they have said he is having the surgery, but I would love to know if he’s actually gone under the knife yet? Knowing my luck he will change him mind, only for another manager to swipe him off waivers.
  9. Yeah not ideal to finish the week, especially when fg% is close. For the most part his shooting has been pretty good.
  10. Zero qualms with this. Will be in the starting lineup soon enough. He has shown he can still put up quality lines from the bench with lowered minutes.
  11. Good god you are killing me Gary. Not sure I can sell him off at this stage either. Hell I wouldn’t touch him with a 10ft pole if I didn’t own him.
  12. Having Mirotic and Harris has not been good for the heartstrings. Does Mirotic eventually make it back into the starting lineup?