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  1. Yall can thank Me for this production. I didn’t want him to get 24 and the fantasy gods decides to give him 25 for good measure in my league 😩😩😩😩.
  2. I needed him to at least get one more yard for a solid 2 points as I lost by like .40 to not get into the championship...this is maddening.
  3. Y’all scaring me, I need him to not get more than 24 points and I’m in the championship 😣😣
  4. Hilton has a clear path to a TD ;(
  5. I moved Jones to the flex as I had Damien Williams. Few more days to decide what to do, I think ultimately I will sit him and play Gordon, I think the wide receivers will be getting the points, not jones.
  6. Could have had a bigger night. k Allen with a zero in my line up
  7. Confidently starting him. Hoping Eric Berry is a non factor.
  8. better to have him on your bench then to face him in the playoff with a potential monster game. Which is what I’m doing.
  9. I picked him up right before game time. It seems like they love him in the red zone with his 6’3 frame. he holds the record for most TD at his school which was previously held by Mike Evans.
  10. Reports are out expecting him to return next week. Currently back in Pittsburgh
  11. Drop Bell or Considering Sutton is on a bye and you may be able to pick him back up next week and Bell too if he does not report by the deadline.
  12. I would definitely do that. But what is that offense going to be like now without Tate there?