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  1. Doesnt mean he will be back that soon. Just reevaluated.
  2. Can't stand this POS and the POS team he plays for.
  3. Barton and G. Harris are both on my wire and I already have Murray, but thinking about loading up on Nuggets players for their PO schedule.
  4. Already have AD, Gobert, Capela and Nurkic for blocks but couldn't leave him on the wire.
  5. Finally dropped. Mught have kept if he had a better PO schedule.
  6. Playing with both Zach and Lauri has hurt him. He's less assertive about finding his own shot and is overly worried about getting shots for others. Bad combination for someone who isn't a naturally pure pg.
  7. Might drop for White, Barton or G. Harris...
  8. No love for this guy? He's been balling out big time lately.
  9. Hayward all day. Not that much time in the season for him to turn it around.