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  1. I was watching the Phillies game yesterday. Pirates had runners at 2nd and 3rd. Dominguez spot in the lineup was on deck. Hurdle decided to put Alfaro on with a free pass after Vazquez fell behind 2-0. Diminguez was at 19 pitches, so it made sense to pinch hit for him. I don’t know if Kapler was planning on him pitching the 9th. You can’t blame his logic since the Pirates best hitters (Marte, Polanco,Moran) were due up in the 8th.
  2. Anybody know when Clevinger is supposed to pitch again? MLB shows Carrasco, Kluber, and Bieber pitching over the weekend. TBD is showing for Monday and Tuesday. He hasn’t pitched since 7/1. Kind of strange that they would be bumping Bieber in front of him. Maybe they are just trying to give him some extra rest.
  3. I have been impressed with his stuff when I have watched him. Real good change up and breaking ball. He seems to run into trouble in the 5th/6th innings. Seems like he loses his command, and might be a matter of building more endurance.
  4. The announcers mentioned that he was in a lot of pain when he was hit last year while the medical staff worked on him. He didn’t have any expression at all this time.
  5. I watched the 9th inning and Cecil didn't look sharp. The first batter he faced was Conforto who hit a laser right at the right fielder. A. Cabrera then lined a single. He was down 3-0 to Cespedes when he inexplicably swung at a pitch out of the strike zone and grounded into a DP. Matheny had Oh start warming up after Cabrera hit the single. If anything Cecil dug his hole deeper.