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  1. Gordon about to hit the pipe in celebration after hearing the AB news
  2. probably only nick foles got the cahones to start him this week
  3. Don't think any could've predicted the ride would've ended this quickly
  4. If this is 1QB league I would drop Cam for the guy with the most upside, in this case Kyler
  5. Similar upside, Hill is less risky imo so I would take it
  6. Usually I don't draft my flex in the late 2nd/early 3rd
  7. As a Sutton owner, I'd rather have McLaurin
  8. Giving up too much for a marginal upgrade
  9. Pass on Waller for Kirk You might be better off just rolling with Waller and seeing what you can get for Engram. Waller isn't a huge name yet so I think you are getting less value in return comparably than for Engram Thanks for mine
  10. 0.5 PPR Gave: Russell Wilson, Austin Ekeler, Melvin Gordon, Greg Olsen Got: Christian McCaffrey Other owner had just lost Brees and Njoku
  11. 0.5 PPR Give: Alvin Kamara Get: Julio Jones or DeAndre Hopkins (if so, who prefer) My team: RBs: Kamara, McCaffrey, Mixon WRs: Thielen, Golladay, Sutton, Allison
  12. Anyone know who his cuff is? Looking to pick up for tonight's game in case anything happens