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  1. Thanks for scoreboarding this early, now Howard will go off every week for the rest of the season as would be expected from this game we play
  2. People will continue to say that for who knows how long. He's had what like 7 great games with Watson in a row now? Last year I could see the concern as he was getting fewer targets. This year, 9 targets and 11 targets. And Watson isn't even playing close to the level he was at last year.
  3. I have no stakes in Cook or Murray. Just seemed strange that people were brushing off a potential hamstring issue so quickly when we all know how troublesome those can be, especially here where people are typically on the doom and gloom side of things
  4. I could imagine some desperate Fournette owners who don't have Yeldon or even a serviceable RB to plug in taking Conner. Also depends on their opinion of the Bell situation and when they might think he could be back since there are a lot of differing views on that and who knows really in order to assess the value of Conner. I don't think the majority will though because they either have Yeldon and/or believe that Fournette is going to play this week and if he does then most would still rank him ahead of Conner ROS. But who knows, there are definitely 0-3 Fournette owners out there who would do it. 1 for 1 an RB like Jordan Howard or David Johnson is a fair trade for Fournette at this point IMO
  5. There's actually a middle ground between being the #1 WR and droppable.
  6. He had a "slow" start in 2016 as well, 22 catches for 303 yards and 0 TDs through the first four games. Obviously finished with a very nice season with 10 TDs. I would be buying if owners are concerned with him although it would be tough, he still put up 15 in 0.5 PPR this week
  7. He must just be the unluckiest person for the last 4 years then
  8. I don't think you understood what I was asking
  9. But for the guys who were the same price as Howard in the draft, which ones would you take ahead of Howard ROS? I think McCaffrey is the only one you can say for sure at this point but he was also typically going several spots ahead of him. Mixon maybe depending on how bad the injury is. I would definitely have him ahead of Cook and Freeman. If there was a redraft today, Howard would still be going around the late second as he was in most drafts before the season. So he has returned what we expected.
  10. Which 12 RBs would you have over him ROS if Howard is an RB2
  11. Almost as dumb a move the Cardinals could make as giving the ball to Chase Edmonds instead of DJ on 3rd down with the game on the line
  12. Ya the Jags are definitely better without Fournette /s