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  1. I’d go Moore and Brown. He’ll get any goalie touches. I like Terry, but Xavien Howard is actually good and is supposed to shadow Terry. Though Howard is listed questionable. Thank for your post!
  2. Coleman or Samuel is a tough call, but I would go with Samuel. Bucs run D is legit, but they have the worst pass D in the league. Coleman could get stymied by Rams D-line, plus, if Rams get ahead, which back will play for catch-up mode.
  3. Tough call, but I would go with Ridley. Both games will be shootouts, but he’s going to receive higher volume of targets. Without knowing how much Hill will play, i’d go with the sure thing in Ridley. Appreciate the help in return!
  4. Definitely Kamara! Brown is unproven and will undoubtedly share time with Henderson. Plus, 49ers D is legit.
  5. 1pt PPR, +1pt 40yd rec/rush/TD need help picking my WR and Flex. Definitely playing Evans and (sadly) already played Michel. Still have to pick 1WR, 1RB, 1 Flex. WR: DJ Moore, Marquise Brown, Sutton, Alshon, McLaurin, Pringle RB: Malcolm Brown, Tevin Coleman Post your link and i’ll help in return. Thank you, and may the fantasy gods be kind to you today!
  6. Dede and Funchess. Funchess has had the shoulder injury for weeks and it hasn't stopped him.
  7. Dede. he'll deliver. Cole unproven yet
  8. definitely NE.
  9. I am playing Bryant out of necessity (lost Antonio), but I would go with Gordon or Tate over Bryant in PPR. Just not sure Bryant is going to deliver (even though I need him to!)
  10. Ajayi!
  11. Davis!
  12. Foles!!!
  13. I'm in the Championship, but I lost Burkhead (and Antonio and M. Lee) last week and scrambling for a replacement for my RB2. Standard scoring league. I can play Lamar Miller or Kerwynn Williams (or Elijah Penny if Williams is out). If the Steelers blow out the Texans or shut them down, game script will work against Miller. Williams is coming off a quad injury, plus cedes work to Penny. Neither is a great option, but it's the best I have. Any advice is much appreciated! Paste your link and I will help in return! Good luck to everyone in a championship!
  14. Engram Fuller Collins/Gallman Wallace Thanks for your help!
  15. depends if Bradford plays. If he does, roll with Thielen. I think the Lions D is going to be tough on Panthers and Funchess will have modest numbers.