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  1. Doesn't matter much who's starting. They should get a lot of run. Crabbe is starting at the 2 tonight, btw.
  2. Yeah, I don't like that strategy either, but this year I'm trying one in which I actually punt steals and batting average. It's the first team on my signature. I had Kershaw as a keeper and focused on grabbing top relievers to anchor my team (reached for Chapman and Jansen on rounds 4 and 5). As for the hitting, focused on high HR guys, some of which can be picked really late or even from the wire. Working fine so far as I'm currently 1st with 18-6, where I had a fluky first week in which I actually won SB and AVG, but lost in saves (7 to 8) and wins. Ended 10-2. My second week went 8-4, in which I lost AVG and OPS (another fluky SB win, but OPS loss I also consider fluky). And lost QS and K/9 this time, 'cause I tried streaming some SPs to get QS and W, and ended up lowering my K/9 in the process, starting Koehler and Richard. It was a CSB, but the bottom line is that, in this strategy, drafting the top closers was one of the most important things to do for me to have a strong foundation in 4 of the 6 pitching stats, not just saves.
  3. It's luck-based... some weeks, your closers won't have opportunities; others, they will have plenty. As for the strategy, I've found it is better to go and draft 2 top closers and then round out the other closers from there. This year, I tried and reached for Chapman and Jansen, so I could feel comfortable chasing lesser closers later. If you rely exclusively on grabbing closers from the wire, you'll get screwed more often than not. And, no, drafting a top closer is not paying for saves. It's paying for saves, ERA, WHIP and K. The ratios are kind of underrated, but that's usually what makes or breaks the matchup.
  4. I'll take the team if it's still open. Very experienced owner. Looking for a good league.

    1. VitorSH


      Sounds great, Mikero!


      What's your e-mail? I'll send it to the league manager!

  5. VitorSH

    AJ Reed - 1B HOU

    this might be getting too "bench-coachy", but i think if you're in a redraft league and you need the roster spot, you can feel ok with dropping him. Drop now? If someone held him so far, I don't think should drop him now that Super 2 is coming... It's not like it really delayed his call-up, he wasn't gonna be called before June anyway.
  6. VitorSH

    AJ Reed - 1B HOU

    There could be two kinds of platoon: Castro/Gattis at C Valbuena/White at 3B And DH whoever is better depending on matchups
  7. VitorSH

    AJ Reed - 1B HOU

    When is Super 2 deadline expected to be? Mid-May?