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  1. Just messing with ya I rostered him just to see what happens. It seems clear that they want 2 backs carrying the load because the coach hates Jones. Probably be a drop after a week.
  2. Yes!!! Explain yourself you piece of trash!!! How dare you think that a rb could fill in for another injured rb and see some play time.
  3. Obviously he isn't but such is life in the NFL. We acknowledge the challenges and we are gonna head back into the lab and work on developing some splash plays.
  4. Exactly. People forget he was playing for the Eagles.
  5. I have Jackson paired with Hollywood. To each his own i guess
  6. Justice Hill wears tape on his arms much like Kamara.
  7. DNP today. Sure Conner, your fine....
  8. OK... i was on the fence.... now i'm all in.
  9. Learned my lesson 2 years ago with this bum. Guy made a career off of one good season.
  10. Had Ben Roethlisberger and James Conner. lost by 3
  11. Not going to sugarcoat it, Pitt offense as a whole looks like absolute trash. Ben looks old and disinterested and Conner looks like sh**. Hopefully you all backed up James with Samuels.