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  1. I don’t know where all the confidence in him is coming from. Gonna have to roll Ian Thomas over him this week. Maybe Herndon.
  2. Its sounds like a serious league considering you landed jackson, samuels and wilson off the wire this week. Cmon dude.
  3. Lost sanders and Breida. Starting Zay..... lets be honest.... i was seriously considering benching Sanders for Jones anyway.
  4. Oh yeah? My guess is 4-60 and wont catch a pass until the 4th quarter. I still have to roll him though.
  5. Lost Fuller and Sanders this year. Starting Jones with confidence.
  6. Needed a reason to start Zay Jones....... love Sanders but He was anything but reliable. (Keenum being Trash).
  7. Lol..... apparently you werent aboard the Ware train in 2016 when West constantly came on the field to steal Spencer’s touches and targets. Prepare to scream at your tv, pal.
  8. Being a steeler fan and all it would not shock me to see Ridley handle the early down work. Samuels can catch but his running is not very impressive.
  9. I actually think Ridley will get the lions share of carries. Samuels can catch but his running isnt very impressive.
  10. I think id rather just avoid any of them.
  11. At the end of the day man, Gordon isn’t getting enough targets and Brady looks like a total jackoff out there. Maybe if they converted josh to rb he would be a solid start because thats all noodle arm Tom can do well anymore. Throw 5yd checkdowns the whole game.
  12. The reality? Both Clement and Sproles look more explosive than Adams.
  13. This dude literally catches 7-26 every week. Where the hell is the YAC? Scrub
  14. Please help me to Bench Breida next week Mr. Adams.