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  1. MBS4's Rotoworld Dynasty

    I'm going to make one general warning in this thread. Abide by the Code of Conduct or the thread will be closed. So continue with your draft and leave out the personal attacks, and keep the profanity on your league's message board. Thanks...
  2. mmmmmm, Steak Tip Sub from LaCascias...

  3. One evil clown avatar replaced with the evil removed.

  4. You know you want me as a friend again.... and to give me 5 stars and advice on all my topics.

  5. Hello Mr. Mod sir !!!

  6. Hmmmmmm !!!

    If you only knew

  7. Bog is the best! Top Notch member!

  8. Thanks for the Bench Response!

  9. RotoWood Baseball League !

    We should finish by May...