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  1. “Experts” screwed me with the hype for this guy. Knew I should have went with my gut and avoided but couldn’t when he feel to me past consensus adp. not sure what to do with him at this point but he’s obviously at the very best the 3rd option in a RBBC
  2. Fantasy can be frustrating. Hopkins, gallop, Henry give me like 20 points combined. To think I was 1 pick away from CMC and could have had zeke (stupid holdout, had bell last season). meanwhile other guys who I know don’t invest as much time as I do (starting players who are injured, starting Thursday night players in flex) get W thanks to luck. Guy who is 5-0 went up against someone who started gurley and stills this week. whatever. I know I get too worked up over this stupid game and I really need to learn how to just let it go
  3. Woof. Really needed a big game but just didn’t pull through. Just awful showing by entire cowboy team
  4. Looking to unload Samuels to the Conner owner for C Kirk. .5 ppr. do you think Samuels has enough stand alone value to roster and play on a weekly basis? Is Kirk a good buy target while he’s injured
  5. Best handcuff? I can think of 3 that’s are better off the top of my head. Mattison, ekeler, pollard
  6. He’s still a target monster and I gotta think this offense will come around. Don’t drop and I would go out and try to get him. I just traded away Hyde and Robby Anderson for him
  7. Perfect system. Perfect game flow, pretty decent schedule. Could finish as top TE
  8. I would sit diggs. Vikings just arnt passing the ball and Thielen still there. Let diggs have a good week
  9. i think hardman - scary terry vs chicago is tougher matchup. i think terry will have higher floor (due to volume) and hardman has much higher celing. Depends if u want to play safe or take risk
  10. i actually think preston wilson has most upside out of that group
  11. dalvin and gordon 100% i would rather have dalvin than lev bell. so imo this is a super lopsided trade
  12. interesting - any reason why? number 1 receiver looked decent last week. Just dont believe in his talent or situation?