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  1. As a fournette/yeldon owner this trade news of Hyde going to Jax is a HUGE blow. Pack it up on this backfield for me. Fournette obviously out long term, yeldon won’t have the volume and Hyde is the back to own. Devistating. People say you can’t lose your season at the draft but I strongly disagree.
  2. I can’t think of a better end of bench lotto ticket than this guy. Sure there is a chance he doesn’t give much ROS but I’ve seen it happen enough where a late season bench stash blows up and wins leagues. OBJ, kamara, even juju last season. The NO offense is insane and I want the chance to get in on it this week for free!
  3. Fitz if he’s healthy but there are better options out there than both
  4. I own fournette and just flipped my Peterson for the yeldon in a .5 ppr. I feel like this trade is a Homerun for me and the other owner. Am I delusional or is this the poster child for win win trades ?
  5. Normally I would start breida but the injury concerns scare me. I’m leaning coleman
  6. As a fournette owner I need some Rb depth. Do you think that’s a good deal? Buying low on drake but I have serious concerns with his useage and offensive line
  7. Honestly if I didn’t have him I would buy trying to buy him on the low. I bet you could get him for peanuts right now.
  8. need to drop 1 for a K. Whos the drop. .5 ppr.
  9. Yall arguing but im just happy to have one of them
  10. Have stafford, hate rostering 2 qbs but finding it hard to part with name value of luck. WSID
  11. Thankfully I snagged stafford off the wire cus obviously luck still isn’t close to 100% sad day for luck owners and colts fans but I think he’s probably droppable in 12 man leagues.