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  1. My RBs on this team are Aaron Jones, Derrius Guice, Ito Smith, D'Onta Foreman, Dexter Williams, Kerrith Whyte Jr, and Devine Ozigbo. We start 3 WRs and 3 Flex, so I have a lot of WRs, but the top guys are Cooper, Cooks, Harry, Metcalf, Moncrief and Enunwa.
  2. You did well. Well enough that it prob will be tough to recreate in a real draft. I woulda passed on Mahomes in the 4th and taken another WR or RB. No need to take a QB so early in a 1 QB league. Other than that...find a nice mix of rookies and vets. Make bold trades, even if the majority says no. Don't trust anyone over 30. Cheers.
  3. 12 teams. Dynasty startup. PPR. Super Flex. Been trying to finagle Quinn for a little while now. This offer was sent to me, how's it seem? I send D'Onta Foreman & Donte Moncrief I receive Trey Quinn Thoughts? WHIR
  4. I know Sanders has a bad matchup today, but he is the offense on Denver and the volume should be there. Sanders, for me.
  5. Who do I start? PPR Amari Cooper vs ATL or Alshon Jeffery @ NO WHIR
  6. Nah it's a 6 keeper league with mostly serious participants. It's also a 2 QB + Super Flex, so QBs def carry significant value in this league. I still love the trade for me, of course.
  7. This has been an excellent week. 12 teams - Super Flex PPR - 2QB - 6 keepers Both trades accepted and will process on Tuesday. 1) Sent Alex Smith & Trey Burton Received DeAndre Hopkins 2) Sent James Conner & Lamar Miller Received Melvin Gordon Post-trades roster - QBs: Mahomes, Wilson, Lamar Jackson RBs: CMC, Gordon, Carson, Thompson WRs: Hopkins, Diggs, Baldwin, Fuller, Agholor, Allison, Tre'Quan Smith, Callaway, Valdes-Scantling TEs: Njoku, Dickson
  8. Coutee. When he's healthy and Fuller isn't, which will happen enough probably, then he has real value.
  9. Yep, that's exactly it! In a 2 QB super flex you can start a 3rd QB in that super flex (aka OP) spot. So that was my major/ only hesitation in losing Smith. But with Hopkins averaging more fantasy pts per game than Smith and with Lamar Jackson waiting on my bench, I pulled the trigger.
  10. ?Trade offered to me in 12 team PPR ⚠️6 keepers. 2 QB. Super Flex⚠️. I am 6-1? ACCEPTED. I sent Trey Burton & Alex Smith I received DeAndre Hopkins My post-trade team - QBs: Mahomes, Wilson, Lamar Jackson WRs: Hopkins, Diggs, Baldwin, Fuller, Agholor, Allison, Tre'Quan Smith, Callaway, Valdes-Scantling TEs: Njoku, Dickson My only hesitation was in losing a QB. Obviously in a 2 QB + Super flex league where we all keep 6, QBs are pretty valuable. How'd I do?
  11. You either gotta drop the Bears D or go no D this week. Agholor your only other near droppable player.