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  1. need 1 plat/diamond player for an established yahoo $75 league. standard 9 cat. settings. H2H daily line-ups. snake draft oct 1st 9 pm et. We use leaguesafe. Payouts = playoffs 1st, 400, 2nd 150, 3rd 100 / regular season 1st, 150, 2nd 100 email me
  2. Starting up a new yahoo 12 team $200 league. H2H standard 9 cat. Daily lineups, rolling waivers, snake draft. Active/experienced players only. Buy-in using leaguesafe(majority vote). Payouts = Playoffs - 1st, 1400, 2nd 350, 3rd 250 / Regular season - 1st 400 Draft Tuesday oct 15th 9 pm eastern email me at Also will be running another $200 league with the same settings drafting later in the same week.
  3. FREE ENTRY - payouts PLAYOFFS - 1ST $80, 2ND $30, 3RD $25 / REGULAR SEASON MOST POINTS = 1ST 80, 2ND 35 10 team standard league. really deep rosters. A couple nice WW scores and this team can legit win this league. need 1 highly active player. Notable players on roster QB - mahomes, Mayfield. WR - cooper, Watkins, dede, allison RB - barkley, ito smith, guice, hunt TE - Kelce, doyle Every1 else is not worth mentioning lol. D is dallas. He has 2 kickers and 2 empty roster spots. Team is 0-1. 4 teams make the playoffs. Once the team is replaced I will post here.
  4. I have one owner in my $20 10 team league who isn't even playing. need 1 HIGHLY ACTIVE PLAYER to replace him. league has really deep rosters. his team is half good half trash. he has some nice pieces like mahomes, barkley, Sammy Watkins and some other nice players. He also is starting some ww fodder too though. he hasn't been active at all so that's apart of it. entry fee is already paid. we use leaguesafe. let me know if you are interested. I will pick the person I will think be the most active.
  5. I know its already to late but any chance you could go 16 teams?
  6. looking for a cheap yahoo snake draft today or tomorrow. im down for most settings. let me know if you got anything.