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  1. .5 PPR 12 team league after a complete dud in week 1 and losing Hill, I need some serious waiver help. I have the #1 waiver and have to burn it already. Here is my roster qb - brees wr - Hill, Landry, Pettis, ty Williams, sanu rb - Chubb, Carson, Howard, j Jackson, Gordon III, Hunt top guys on waivers are: J. Ross, McLaurin, Mal Brown, Mar. Brown,
  2. Honestly, there's nothing on your roster that would make me want to trade away Mahomes.
  3. .5 PPR Need to fill my flex hole Ty Williams vs Denver (Monday) Howard vs Was J. Jackson vs Indy Sanu vs Min
  4. not exactly sure how many questions you are asking, but i'm taking Jackson over Sutton, and i'm taking Jacobs over waller and ebron.
  5. Rams is the smart choice (but i drafted and am starting KC)
  6. you never know. I think he is the real deal, but rbs don't usually stick around long. Id rather have the #1 fantasy scorer for years.
  7. Samuels and Robby
  8. As a KC fan, i'm saying no. Mahomes is matchup proof. RBs come and go so fast from one year to the next, who knows how long Kamara will be relevant. Pat will be around for a while