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  1. Not sure the célti€s will put up with his lack of D enough to put up 20/10. Predict a time share with The Time Lord, theis and Kanter. Time lord is a good defender but really just a picknroll dunker, theis IMO is a good player and unrrated (he could actually break out this year), Kanter is what he is, that doesn't fit all that well with Stevens solid defensive teams. This I predict Kanter is more like an empty 15/8 on good efficiency... I'll freely admit I hate the fuking célti€s (even a little more than the lakers) and hoarder Dan definitely failed with what he had over the last 5 years. But despite that they still have decent pieces to build around and I think this team will suit Steven's coaching more than Irving and Hayward team last year (as long as Stevens doesn't push his Hayward love and kryptonite too far again) . I predict them at 3rd in the east (yup right around the same as the raptors in 4th), but a first round upset loss to the magic who will shut down the célti€s wings in the playoffs.
  2. Dam it! Now I know why I'm not on an NBA roster! Opportunity! Killed many a good NBA career, chalk me up as another statistic to that dastardly demon that is opportunity! Anyway, so the guy can beat up some punk in his back yard. Doesn't do a lot for my perspective of his hooping potential... can he steal, block, dime and board? But I guess it's good to know if $hit goes pear shaped in the Palace Dwayne will put his Bacon on the line... Ah $hit!! I made a food pun and they closed down the Palace...
  3. I used to be young and hungry once too...didn't help much with my NBA career though, now I'm just early middle-aged and a little less hungry since my metabolism is starting to slow. Got anything more substantial on how tasty Dwayne's Bacon actually is [alright that's my last food pun]? Projections/Weaknesses/strengths? Any insider workout scoops (apart from being "tight" with Bridges)? Seems like a decent shooter, but doesn't project that well in the counting stats esp. STOCKS.
  4. Gallinari has been in the league 11 years and played 549 games (avg 49.9 games per season). Lillard has been in the league 7 years and played 549 games (avg 78.4 games per season). Good luck OKC:
  5. Agree with this, a lot of players struggle a bit in their first season post ACL (a lot comes down to how quickly the turn-around is now IMO). Rubio: ACL in rookie year - 2nd season he saw a dip in dimes 3Pt% (29%🤮) everything else stayed about the same (when you'd expect a 2nd year player to improve). Jabari Parker: never the same, but he's torn the same ACL twice?! poor dude! It's reported that the post surgery ACL is stronger than the original ligament. Dinwiddie: Struggled in his rookie year and 2nd year (after late college ACL tear - and meniscus and MCL injuries at the same time - he did a job!) not until his 3rd year did he really start to show his value. Gallinari: Miss a whole season, struggled in his comback year all, all his stats dropped by about 20% and also struggled with injuries that season and the next, but hey it's Gallinari, struggling with injuries is his Modis Operandi Chris Webber: Saw a 20% dip in stats and efficiency after his 2003 ACL tear, wasn't until 2 years later he started to get back to where he was pre-injury, then decline with father time after that. Derrick Rose: We all know how that went. Not good. Rondo: Didn't do too bad in '14 after his ACL tear, but there was a dip (and got worse the next season). 2 years later in Sac he was back to close to 12 & 12. All in all, I'd say keep your break out fantasies in check for Murray this season. Wouldn't be surprised if they were really cautious with his minutes as he is a big part of the Spurs future and right now they are loaded in the back court. I think next year might be the year for Murray's big rise.
  6. As for Horford, he's probably going to see a hit this year. Here's something we actually agree on, I expect him to be at about 80% of his stats from last year. Too many mouths to feed in Philly. Gonna be a big help to them IRL though!
  7. Since my top 15 in the Beal forum got a lot of feedback, thought we should just get a forum going on people's first two rounds (+1 pick) for 9-cat roto. I'll start it off: 1. Curry 2. Towns 3. Harden 4. AD 5. Giannis 6. Lillard 7. Jokic 8. George 9. Vucevic 10. Embiid 11. LBJ 12. Beal 13. Butler 14. Leonard 15. Holiday 16. Kemba 17. Gobert 18. Drummond 19. Irving 20. Westbrook 21. Ayton 22. Aldridge 23. CP3 24. Conley 25. Siakam [please don't list one per line or this page will get too epically long]
  8. Yeah he was a hard one to place. I was basing it off missing an estimated 2 weeks. Maybe you could drop him further. If he was fit I'd move him to 6th, maybe even ahead of giannis (giannis FTs really suck esp for roto). But he's not fit... Yeah kyrie behind Leonard, holiday, kemba, gobert, and probably Drummond too.
  9. I don't think it's a one season sample size as much as you think. He really started to take off the previous season. Pre-All-Star 2017/18 he was ranked 15th on per game value. He was unreal that season, but fell away due to injuries and tanking post-all-star. This is spot on IMO. Vuce is a Top10 pick for me, right around where Embiid is ranked. I expect the Magic to be in the playoffs again and a big season from Vuce. I think they're going to shift their offense a little more to involve Gordon this season, probably making DJA and Fournier very much catch and shoot guys running everything through Vuce and Gordon. Ross as 6th man, Isaac as their 3-and-D wing. Isaac's offensive development is a big part of their ceiling this season. If he can get more consistent at shooting they become a really nice team. The problem was with Gordon in 16/17 and 17/18 when Vogel tried to make Gordon his PG13 was he wasn't ready for the role, he was still growing as a player and learning how to run an offense. It was too much too soon. Judging on the end of last season and the playoffs Gordon looks ready to take the step into that role and for him and Vuce Mane to run their offense. I predict a big year for both IRL and fantasy. Clifford is a good coach and has some nice pieces to work with there. Continuity of their squad will be a big factor too. They've been a joke of a franchise for a long time, but things are looking up for them right now and credit to Clifford and even to their front office for FINALLY making some good decisions.
  10. Considering how much they hosed the Nets in that deal to the extent of: (three firsts and a pick-swap that were all high picks), they have nothing to show for it except a ECF appearance and those middling talents you mention, and now the Nets have KD and Irving and some nice pieces themselves (Levert - on a new deal, Allen, Harris, Dinwiddie) and IMO are better positioned moving forward than the Celtic$ it's safe to say the Celtic$ and hoarder Dan failed to capitalise on one of the most lop-sidded trades in league history.
  11. Forgot Leonard...I'd slot him into 14 or 15 about even with Jrue, ahead of Kemba, making 11-15 a pretty even tear. Seems like three clear tears: 1-5, 6-10, 11-15 this season IMO.
  12. Is Kyrie the tutoring type? I'd imagine there are a few Celtic$ fans out there that might beg to differ. Is KD the tutoring type? I reckon Levert should have a good year. He was clearly their best player in the series against the 76ers. As for Kyrie: hard pass for me. don't trust his knees nor his temperament. Would rather guys like Beal, Butler, Jrue, kemba, Gobert, Drummond over Kyrie...possibly others too. Someone else's headache.
  13. Definitely not ahead of Dame, Butler is awash with Beal - pretty even IMO in their current situations. Leonard is better per game, but its a big risk as their is definitely some lingering knee/quad issues you could see clearly in the playoffs and rest in unknown with the Clippers as they aren't as deep as the Raptors and they are in a stronger conference - it's likely that he'll rest less, but still a lot of risk. I'd probably favour Beal over Leonard and definitely Beal over Kyrie. Kyrie is too fragile. It's fitting his alter-ego is "Uncle-Drew" because he has old-man knees. There are other guys to consider in that range that people might be missing. To me Vucevic is a lock top 10 pick. I'd definitely have him ahead of all those guys (of course I'm talking roto, but can't see why it wouldn't be the same for H2H). LBJ is still an unreal player and should be picked around that mark; is he now an injury risk though? [it's a tough call, but he isn't the same risk-free pick as in the past - due to age, last season, and an Über thin Laker line-up]. Jrue Holiday: I'd pick him over Kyrie for sure and he's pretty close to Beal and Butler - at least should be in that discussion, could go ballistic this year and has nice running mates to play with. The other guy is Embiid. I'd take him over all of them (probably just behind Vucevic because of Vuce's super high-floor). Embiid could easily be top 5 on the back of a health season, but he could also get rested or injury again...more of a higher risk/reward type, but maybe this is his year? The talent is unquestionably there. FWIW, here is my top 15 for roto 9-cat: 1. Curry 2. Towns 3. Harden 4. Davis 5. Giannis 6. Lillard 7. Jokic 8. George 9. Vucevic 10. Embiid 11. James 12. Beal 13. Butler 14. Holiday 15. Siakam (Jokes🤣) Kemba Top 5 are the elites (which means #5 is probably the best value pick this year - although Giannis FTs hurt). 6-10 is pretty even and then I see 11-14 as pretty even too.