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  1. Manny Machado 2019 Outlook

    Yes and no. He’s a pull hitter and SD plays top 10 in LF homers (7th I believe). So, he goes from 32-35 to 28-30. Yes there is a drop but not like the sky is falling.
  2. 2019 Stolen Base Targets

    Myles Straw should be on the radar. Likely to take an injury or two for significant playing time in the OF. Speed is his calling card.
  3. Ramon Laureano 2019 Outlook

    I see a poor mans Starling Marte. Not nearly as high an average, prone to streaks, great glove, speed and pop.
  4. Waiver wire thread- week ending 1/27

    Bayless with Teague out.
  5. IBW Prospect List

    Halp is notorious for devaluing pitchers Halp is notorious for devaluing pitchers
  6. Curtis Samuel 2018 Outlook

    Score as much a CMC does. No pressure. He will definitely be on my WR radar next year. Pretty clear that panthers will address WR this off season with a mid ranged experienced vet.
  7. Sony Michel 2018 Outlook

    Well one is a RB and the other a WR. So... FYI, when arguing on the internet you should usually have your example/players correct (especially on this forum).
  8. Week 3 Preseason Discussion

    So...Barber looks legit.
  9. 2018 MLB Trade Rumors and Deadline Thread

    I’d love to see a Marcus Semien to Dodgers trade.