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  1. Danny Woodhead 2017 Season Outlook

    Not according to this:
  2. 2017 Zero RB candidates

    Well the idea is that you'll draft more of them because with stud WRs there's really no reason to waste bench spots on WR who will never start for you. More lottery tickets = better odds
  3. Danny Woodhead 2017 Season Outlook

    He doesn't. But I'm wondering how much say Roman is going to have on this offense. I mean, you don't bring in a guy like Woodhead to not throw to him
  4. 2017 Zero RB candidates

    Was thinking the same thing as I read through the thread. HUGE Marshawn fan, but he's far riskier than most RB in my opinion, so taking a chance on his 'cuff(s) behind a top OL makes a ton of sense to me. Anyone have a sense of how the snaps/touches would break down should Beast Mode miss time?
  5. Marcus Mariota 2017 Season Outlook

    I'm just going into fantasy football mode (literally started reading last night), but the Titans are looking like a breakout offense to me, and I'll likely be heavily invested in Mariota & the rest of that offense. In addition to what you guys have already discussed, their offensive line is phenomenal as well. Lewan & Conklin are a premier set of tackles.
  6. James Paxton 2017 Outlook

    While it's not an arm injury per se, a pec is definitely arm-related. Hope KPax is alright
  7. Mike Zunino 2017 Season Outlook

  8. Felix Hernandez 2017 Outlook

    Ok, quick notes: First off, he looked really, really good. Perfect through four innings, and the walk he gave up (which came around to score the only run) he was totally squeezed on. It was pretty awful, the umpiring (I thought he got squeezed the whole game, but this PA was just awful). His command was sharp. More importantly, his mechanics looked synchronized and in-line; they definitely didn't the start before. His velocity was more 90-92, whereas it had mostly been 88-89 the start before. His curve had good break in both starts, but he commanded it way better in the second. His signature changeup was a non-entity in the first start, but looked good in the second. He really looked like a different pitcher. Obligatory GIF: And media session (let me know if you guys are able to play the audio or not):
  9. Felix Hernandez 2017 Outlook

    Sat pretty close to right behind the plate for yesterday's start, and I'll post some notes soon. He looked really sharp. But first...I have audio from his in-game Q+A (journalist perks!) with myself and a couple other media members that I wouldn't mind sharing with you guys. Anyone know how I can do that?
  10. James Paxton 2017 Outlook

    Haven't gotten a chance to look into this start at all and didn't get to watch it (was watching Felix in Tacoma - which I'll be posting about at some point today), so not sure if anything looked different for him. I wouldn't worry TOO much though. It's a crazy year for pitching and he's been relatively consistent (in comparison to the rest of the SP crowd). But again, the only thing I know about yesterday's start was the box score.
  11. Mike Zunino 2017 Season Outlook

    Yep, I was chatting with a friend the day he got called up about how I hope they didn't ruin him by calling him up too soon, and that's exactly what happened.
  12. June Closer Thread 2017

    Unless Dusty Baker switches brains with Hurdle.
  13. Jonathan Villar 2017 Outlook

    I don't think you know what short-sighted means.... But yeah, that's got to sting.
  14. June Closer Thread 2017

    I get the hesitation about a GB/non-K closer, but Neshek is an extreme flyball guy.