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  1. Not true. Have it on my Android right now, use it all the time.
  2. Was disappointed it didn't say "NORRIS IS THE CLOSER"
  3. Norris has SP eligibility on ESPN for what it's worth
  4. Law of averages doesn't work that way. What you're describing is gambler's fallacy.
  5. Um... No. Pitching well is most certainly not a reason to avoid. That's just dumb. There's no such thing as being "due". That's called gambler's fallacy. Think about what you said: "pitching well is a reason to avoid"
  7. If Safeco couldn't turn Walker into anything, Chase won't either even if they start using water balloons instead of baseballs
  8. When I saw he cut his K rate so much, I was REALLY hoping it was via a reduction in his Whiff% vs the changeup. No such luck: Prior to 2017: 27.82% 2017: 27.27% That's a really, really glaring flaw, and it's accentuated by his inability to do damage when he DOES make contact with changeups (career .073 ISO against them). He just can't hit changeups. I still think he can be a decent flyer, but I see the K rate regressing if he can't figure out how to hit the change.
  9. Exactly this. "Sharpening ____" quotes don't mean much...until we see some evidence it's actually sharper. Coming out of the gates with a 40% SwStr rate is pretty good evidence it's actually sharper (though it's still very possible it's a SSS mirage)
  10. There was a thing last March/April where Brian McTaggart, an Astros beat writer, tweeted out in all caps, "GILES IS THE CLOSER". Of course, everyone believed this was something he was reporting, but apparently it was actually just his personal assumption. As it turned out, Giles was NOT the closer, Gregerson was. McTaggart got some flack like that and took zero responsibility for his mistake, instead opting to make insults towards those calling him out on it. Since then, "__________ IS THE CLOSER" has become something of a humorous motif in this thread. Every now and then, I'll contribute a meme with McTaggart's picture and the caption "_____ IS THE CLOSER" either as a reaction to a closer change or to roast someone who insisted there was no way a certain guy could become closer and that it was "obvious" and ends up being wrong - a la McTaggart. This has been a brief history of "_______ IS THE CLOSER". Tune in next time!
  11. Still early, but... ISO up, K rate down, Contact% up, SwStr% down, O-Swing down, Z-Swing identical. Could we be looking at the beginning of a breakout?
  12. Well, lots of people bat .100, but most of them are pitchers and/or don't last long. Batting 1.000, however... Sorry, facetious mood.
  13. You understand that was because there was a clause in his contract specifically addressing that scenario?
  14. Why does this make sense? The highest leverage situations are in tie games, not with a lead, and this would mean less innings for their best RP.