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  1. If we're making dumb hypotheticals, Trout plays in California so is more likely to be a murder victim than Arenado.
  2. Can you elaborate?
  3. HE'S NOT LEAVING COORS ANYTIME SOON. You can't penalize him for leaving Coors when he's still in Coors...
  4. He's not as good as Trout, therefore he's an ordinary offensive player. #logicishard
  5. I often think "I wish I could like this post more than once", and now you've given me the opportunity to do so!
  6. Even if this was true (hint: it's not), there's zero chance he's traded this year
  7. I don't play DFS, but I do tend to treat my daily leagues like DFS when I have bench hitters available (looking into the stuff you're talking about)
  8. Only two pitchers threw a higher percentage of their pitches while ahead in the count than Porcello (min. 1500 pitches). You may have heard of them: Clayton Kershaw and Max Scherzer.
  9. I'm doing my ranks right now, and after the top 16 consensus guys (in no particular order: Kershaw, Scherzer, Bum, Sale, Thor, Klubot, Verlander, Lester, deGrom, Price, Archer, Carrasco, Strasburg, Darvish, Cueto, Arrieta) I think there's a tier of 20+ guys that's just incredibly difficult to rank. There are some guys who inevitably float to the top of that tier in rankings list (Hendricks, Tanaka, C-Mart for example), but I've seen a number of others placed alongside those guys at the top of this tier who other lists have at the bottom of the tier. Anyone else notice just how jumbled SP are from around 17-40?
  10. The arm issues aren't a major concern for me, but they do give me enough pause that I've dropped him below Bum and Sale for my SP rankings (actually, Sale was more that I became more confident in Sale than less confident in Thor)
  11. Dodgers have more depth options than the Mariners though. If (when) a Mariners guy gets hurt, Miranda is pretty much a lock to replace him. If a Dodgers guy gets hurt, they have multiple options (like Wood and Stewart)
  12. Alex Wood. Big k rate spike last year, velo up a tick, GBs up. Like someone said about Stewart, a really crowded rotation though
  13. One of (if not the) top bats in the 2018 class. 1B/OF at Clemson. Won BA's Freshman of the Year even though he's young for the class. Slashed .369/.535/.700 last year.
  14. I know he's not in this draft class, but I still feel this is the best place to post this: I really want to see Seth Beer play for the Brewers at Coors Field. It HAS to happen
  15. Very true (although personally I think I prefer the latter group, but that's just my preference and a different argument altogether). I do think people get caught up on the labels instead of just building a good staff. For example, in one league I plan on not drafting someone I consider a SP2, and make up the ground by getting multiple SP3-SP4 guys (who I see as better value picks than the lower end SP2 guys). All about your staff as a whole