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  1. Fancy stats like, you know, strikeouts and walks. As in, the very basis of the game. So fancy. I find it hard to believe people are really dense enough to think strikeouts and walks are fancy stats while "earned run average", which attempts to distill how many runs would have scored if not for errors, is a basic stat.
  2. There was already a thread, fyi
  3. No worries!
  4. My bad, thought you were talking about his post being a lame attempt at humor. I was trying to find the humor, but I guess the joke's on me.
  5. I got a chance to speak with him prior to the season (perks of covering a AAA team). Nothing too groundbreaking, but the fantasy relevant info is that A. The movement increases his changeup had seen slowly build up were due to minor tweaks, but not a wholesale grip change or anything line that, and B. He's working on incorporating his curveball more. I haven't checked the numbers since his promotion to see if these trends have continued. Profile-wise, I like to think of him as a poor man's Kyle Hendricks. His changeup is very good, but not elite like Hendricks'. Ditto for his command. Both took statistical steps forward upon incorporating the curve more often (though obviously small sample for Bergman). His pitching coach in AAA, Lance Painter, is in my opinion among the best in the business and seems likely to land an MLB job in the near future. He particularly excels with the finesse types (although his most prominent success was James Paxton - the opposite of "finesse"), so it's possible he unlocked something with Bergman, who's been a revelation in AAA (2.17 ERA and five wins in fine starts). I think Bergman definitely has AL-only value and is a solid streamer in mixed. He's got a good defense and park behind him and a pretty decent offense. The bullpen will really hurt him though.
  6. We still have five minutes till closing in Seattle!
  7. I don't think it was an attempt at humor at all.
  8. I honestly didn't think the first post was that confusing, but let's see if I can help explain what he meant (or at least what I think he meant). I think he's saying: "Happ just struck out looking. That patient plate approach (which warned him Madden's praise the other day) bit him on that one.
  9. I mean, Rodney allows runs almost twice as often as O'Day, but yeah, other than that you're spot on....
  10. Not only does he lead off, he leads off in the NL (behind the pitcher)
  11. Jason Vargas made his MLB debut in 2005. Since then, the MLB average HR/9 had been 1.03. Jason Vargas owns a career 1.07 mark. It hasn't gone above 1.05 since 2012. Jason Vargas does NOT have a problem with the longball.
  12. Diaz could've done that!
  13. This. LOOGY through and through
  14. That's my mistake. I interpreted a post on here as saying he'd been called up and figured I'd just missed it. I remember! Even drafted him as a last round flyer in a league that's deep on RP last year.
  15. Had gone three in a row