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  1. What I got out of this post. Pinstripes are awesome! (This coming from someone who hates the Yankees more than pretty much any non-Red Sox fan in the world.)
  2. Garrett Stubbs
  3. So even though the US doesn't have the best team, you think they should automatically be placed in the championship? On what grounds? They've done anything but earn that.
  4. In daily leagues when I'm not running up against a transaction limit, I often drop my catcher on Monday and Thursday to stream a better hitter, because I likely won't have a full lineup those days anyway
  5. @JFS179 Love the ranks. I feel you're underrating Colome. He would be at the top of tier 3 for me, if not bottom of tier 2 (I see tier 2/3 as one tier, and Colome would be in the middle of it). Personally, I'd prefer the safety of Melancon over more Ks that come with more risk.
  6. I am. I have a TON of faith in his stuff, and I don't believe the Dodgers will waste large portions of his limited innings not in MLB. And obviously they'll want to increase his innings over last year to eventually build him up to a full workload
  7. Is that pick #27 or $27 auction dollars? Pick 27 seems about right, not sure about auction price as the only auction leagues I've been in are non-standard
  8. It wouldn't be socialism being that they agreed to go to arbitration where there was a chance they would be forced to pay him $5 million. If they really didn't want to pay him, they didn't have to tender him a contract at all. They did. Contractual obligations =/= socialism You can't apply open market principles to baseball. It's simply not an open market
  9. You guys have it all wrong.
  10. At this time tomorrow, Seth Lugo will be the talk of the baseball world. Mark my words.
  11. It's not that the US won't send them, it's that the players decide to pass.
  12. No possibility for regression?
  13. But I was the one who made that pick, and I've yet to find anyone on the planet higher on Paxton, so that's not really a fair gauge
  14. This is precisely why I place such a premium on steals guys who also contribute elsewhere (why I love Villar, for example). If you get a cheap power guy, he'll also help in RBI and likely be decent in R (Tommy Joseph, for example). If you get a cheap speed guy (say, Jankowski), you're only getting steals. I'd rather get my steals from guys who are non-zeros elsewhere, since power guys are guaranteed at least one other quality category
  15. You shouldn't need to be in a groove to pay attention to where the baseball is when you're not standing on a base (Profar)