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  1. I once saw him recommend keeping Alcides Escobar over Chris Sale. This was not when the latter was a young up and comer. It was either last year or the year before, I don't recall.
  2. May I ask what platform you're using to do this?
  3. There was already a thread, fyi
  4. Jason Vargas made his MLB debut in 2005. Since then, the MLB average HR/9 had been 1.03. Jason Vargas owns a career 1.07 mark. It hasn't gone above 1.05 since 2012. Jason Vargas does NOT have a problem with the longball.
  5. Why? He hasn't historically had a problem with the longball and he's in a pitcher friendly park
  6. Tyson Ross + Matt Harvey Thoracic Park
  7. I like's On the Corner. Don't always agree with them but usually solid analysis. Haven't listened to that many though, so SSS
  8. I think this is less of a sure thing than people realize, but yeah De Leon is my guess. Watching hawkishly for other news though. Love Honeywell.
  9. Was just doing some research on him last night actually. I'll have a post at some point, but I think I owe @JFS179 a couple posts on other pitchers, haha. I agree with everything @Rabbit Maranville said. I love me a good changeup.
  10. Was at Tacoma Rainiers Media Day today, saw O'Neill take some sim game at bats, some BP and spoke with the manager (former Rookie of the Year Pat Listach). O'Neill related notes: Dude is YOKED. Like, seriously, stupidly shredded. Easy to see where the power comes from. In a sim game AB (couldn't tell who the pitcher was, the rosters they handed out didn't have numbers), hit a very, very low launch angle home run down the left field line. It was about as much of a line drive shot as you can get, yet strangely enough it didn't really look like he got all of it. Just muscled it. In BP he wasn't squaring it up too well but did have one pretty impressive opposite field shot. Listach raved about him. I thought he was just doing typical coach-speak and optimism, but his tone was decidedly less optimistic about Dan Vogelbach and DJ Peterson, so I'm taking this as a plus even though you can't really trust anything the coaches say.
  11. Reminds me a bit of Jon Lester