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  1. Trading for Ertz....

    Hmm, this is a pretty tough one. I actually really like the idea of hanging onto your RB core as I think their trade value will only get stronger and stronger (assuming Jones keeps his starting job, Kerryon takes the reigns as the featured back and Guice comes back from his injury strong). Granted this has been said for years, I also think Henry could be a breakout TE this season, and while I don't think Ertz's value is going to decrease that much, I do think he's overvalued at his current early ECR ranking of 18th overall. I think Goedert's really good and is going to take a lot of RZ targets from Ertz next season. With that said, Ertz and Woods would give you a very nice set-and-forget starting lineup next season. I'd feel comfortable floating Henry and whichever non-Barkley RB you like the least to get the conversation started, but I wouldn't go crazy. He's pretty stacked at WR, so given his dire RB situation you should have a good bit of leverage.
  2. Not for a long time ha. I was more just bored and looking to get some FF chatter going. I'll definitely wait and see how the off season shakes out before making a decision.
  3. Early ECR has Kittle ranked #22 and Mahomes #27 and most mocks have Kittle early to mid 3rd round and Mahomes early to mid 4th, so I guess while you don't understand how this is even a debate, a lot of other people do.
  4. Bored on a Friday and still stung from a brutal playoff loss (ie, scored 185+ in a .5 ppr league 5 straight weeks, only to bomb in the semis), so I figured I'd throw out an early keeper question to gauge some responses - Mahomes or Kittle, lose my 7th round pick either way. In general, I'm seeing these 2 all over the place. Early rankings have Kittle as high as 18 and 22, but most mocks have him going in the late 3rd/early 4th round. Rankings typically have Mahomes in the late 30s to early 40s, but I've seen him taken as high as 7th (?!) and 14th overall in mocks. Any thoughts? Thanks, WHIR.
  5. Half ppr format, and all TDs 6 points. Average margin of victory in the regular season was 43 points per week. Won the scoring title by a 268 point margin. During an 8 game win streak to close the regular season, plus my bye week, I hung 157, 148, 149, 158, 189, 191, 186, 164 and 191. This week? 86 with CMC left to play. Barring a Greek god-like performance from him tonight (IE, 51 points), it's safe to say a team that includes Mahomes, Zeke, CMC (via trade week 8), Barkley (via trade week 9), OBJ (via trade week 10), Cooks, TY and Kittle will lose in the semifinals. Feel free to make fun this post, or say I'm just fishing for compliments, because quite frankly, I am. But regardless, it's Monday morning, I'm hung over, miserable, and need to rant. And if anyone else has some bad beats, or stories of similarly stacked teams that have/are about to suffer an L, feel free to share. I could use the company.
  6. Mixon or Fournette ~ WHIR

    That's a really tough one. Mixon has had a nice floor all season and could pop off a big game against Oakland. While the Raiders have done a decent job holding RBs in check the past 2 weeks, they've faced backups both games. Prior to that, they've gotten thrashed on the ground since their week 7 bye (210, 165, 123 and 169 rushing yards). Fournette was on an absolute tear between coming back from his injury and getting suspended, and last week could just be chalked up to him facing a tough run D (outside Miller's 97 yard TD run week 12, TEN has held RB in check all season). He's also facing a Redskins D that got absolutely demolished last week. The consensus with the "experts" is Mixon, and Rotoworld is big on him this week. Maybe you've already seen it, but he was the lead guy in their week 15 ranking, and the explanation was pretty sound: "Joe Mixon notched a career-high 31 touches in a surprisingly hard-fought Week 14 showdown with the Chargers. He gets to follow it up at home against the Raiders’ lead-footed defense. Only Mixon’s own Bengals are serving up more rushing yards. Enemy backs are averaging 4.84 yards every time they carry the ball versus the Silver and Black. With the Bengals three-point home favorites, game flow will not get away from them the way it so often has down the stretch. Mixon is the perfect marriage of volume and big-play ability for the second week of the fantasy playoffs." With all that said, I have to ask, who are you starting over them? Assuming there's no way to get both in your lineup, I'd lean towards Mixon. I think he has a safer floor while providing just as much of a chance for a huge game.
  7. If Ware and Conner are out, I'd feel comfortable with Damien Samuels - I feel like one of them has to have a big game, and you'd hate to start the wrong one. If either miss, I'd probably lean Gronk over Ingram. Even if he's getting carries, Ingram is too TD dependent for me, and in a full PPR format, you have to just hope that Gronk is back.
  8. Just interested to hear some thoughts on who to start at WR2 and TE. First, assuming OBJ plays, do I start Cooks vs. PHI's atrocious pass D or Hilton vs. DAL's elite pass D. Despite their respective performances last week, you can tell which way I'm leaning here. Second, assuming Conner doesn't play, Kittle vs. SEA or Samuels vs. NE. While I enjoyed watching him go for 36 during my playoff bye, SEA is tough against TEs and Kittle's wk 13 performance provides little insight, as he torched them in the first half and then did literally nothing in the second (See last week too). While Kittle has been a set-and-forget starter all season, part of me thinks Samuels has the safer floor. Thanks, WHIR.
  9. Unsupported statements, check. Immature insults, check. Regardless, you are right - I am a little bored with my life. I'm a second year associate attorney who, in between researching/drafting motions and briefs, likes to hop in here and discuss fantasy football. But don't flatter yourself, this is only the third thread I've responded to you in. It's not my fault that whenever I happen to read one of your comments it's infuriatingly unfounded/idiotic. It's also not my fault that I can write a lengthy, intelligent and factually support response quicker than you can even read it.
  10. Kamara or Barkley? .5 ppr

    Oh man, this takes me back. Only play in one league - went 16-0 in 2013, then drafted Montee Ball in the 2nd and Bishop Sankey in 4th in 2014 on my way to a 9th place finish. Barkley and Kamara are only about 25-30 points apart, so I wouldn't be too quick to say you've had the last laugh. As we always see, guys go on hot and cold streaks. If Senator Spaceman had hopped in here week 10, everyone would probably have thought he'd won this debate. All it really takes is one monster game from Kamara and one dud from Barkley to even this back out. With that said, I have Barkley so I hope he hangs 60+ these next two weeks. Overall, thanks for bringing this thread back up - some entertaining reading.
  11. Apparently it is, as RunCMC is quickly becoming my favorite love-to-hate member of this forum. While I'd probably take Barkley #1 regardless of his QB next year, it's worth playing devil's advocate because I just cannot stand someone that criticizes what he believes to be "stupid a** blanket statements" while making nothing but stupid a** blanket statements. First, as a Philly fan I despise the Giants, but it's becoming increasingly difficult to continue calling them a "a sorry a** team this year." They're 4-1 since their bye (and honestly should be 5-0) while averaging over 30 points per game. Yes, a lot of that is Barkley, but come on. Second, where exactly are they getting a QB that will substantially change their offense next season? Maybe they snag Bridgewater, but overall this year's FA QB group is uninspiring. And considering they keep winning games, it's unlikely they draft a QB that can come in and contribute next season. Third, the Faulk and LT analogy was simply meant to put into perspective the incredible amount of targets Barkley has gotten this season. Fourth, "who gives a flying s--- about targets. If those targets arent quality targets"? People playing in PPR and 0.5 PPR formats, that's who. Take week 2 as an example - Barkley finished as the RB5 in both, despite only 28 rushing yards, 80 receiving yards and no TDs. Do you know why? Because he had 14 receptions on 16 targets. There have been 4-5 games this season where dump off passes have either saved Barkley's fantasy day or substantially padded his RB1 production. Fifth, it's not like he is just churning out yards on an offense that completely stalls in the RZ - dude is on pace for 16 TDs. Even if you bumped that up to 20, he is still right there in the truly elite fantasy RB category. It's as if 2 recent games make people forget that Gurley was on a single-season GOAT pace for the first 10 weeks of the year. Overall, I just love how often this guy talks about "analysis" or "the numbers" while providing absolutely nothing but unsupported statements and immature insults.
  12. Ever since that White for DJ trade thread, I can't tell whether your posts are legitimate or trolling. Regardless, having picked up Samuels for his TE eligibility (Yahoo), I hope you're right. But, like others, I'm curious where you're seeing a report that Conner is done for the fantasy playoffs. Could he be? Sure, but I don't think that's anywhere close to certain. Also, like we just saw with last week's "league winner"/"spend all your FAAB!!" addition (Ware), Samuels' value is even less certain. Winning 3-4 games in the playoffs is tough - give me the bye for sure.
  13. Jaylen Samuels as a TE

    Agreed, agreed. No chance I'd play in this league again.
  14. Need to start one in superflex PPR WHIR

    I've never played in a superflex league, but I feel like you have to go with Josh Allen, right?

    Unfortunately, this response kind of makes it seem like there was a particular answer that you were looking/hoping to get...