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  1. I’d definitely float some offers for Barley if you think there’s any chance you get him - but I think that both Kittle and Diggs trade values are pretty low right now. I’d start by offering Olsen for Michel, and let him counter.
  2. I think Kirk will be more useful for you if you’re worried about WR depth, but I think Waller is far more valuable. I’d hang onto both your TEs for the time being and try to flip 1 once teams without a viable starter really start panicking.
  3. I have some options in my 0.5 ppr league, but I don’t really love any of them: Jacobs @ MIN or Breida vs PIT at RB2 and Diggs vs OAK or Kupp vs CLE at WR2, plus someone at the flex. I guess we could throw White and Singletary (if he plays) in there too. Thoughts? WHIR.
  4. I think both could really break out, so yeah you might have some great trade material down the line. But I think one definitely will, and I wouldn't want to guess wrong. With that said, dropping a guy that just got 17 targets in week 1 in a ppr league for a third TE would be a pretty big risk too.
  5. It's crazy to roster 3 TEs, but I'd want to pick up both. I think both have true breakout potential, and even in a 10-man, with Henry going down and Howard looking flat out terrible, I think you're gonna have some owners looking to trade with you. If one really erupts - ie, this year's Kittle - you could even float some Kelce offers down the road. With that said, I think you can definitely drop Bernard. If you're open to the idea of picking up both, I'd consider dropping Crowder too.
  6. Don't want to start a second O.J. Howard thread - but is there anyone out there that thinks he's a buy low candidate? I have Kittle and Hockenson, but I'm in two different trade discussions that would send both of them out, with Howard coming to me.
  7. I'd say DeDe too. I'd need to see Hollywood for 1 more week before I felt comfortable starting him. We've seen a lot of huge first weeks before.
  8. I agree with the consensus - you drafted him pretty high, give Howard another shot. If Andrews blows up, you can still be happy that you likely have a stud ROS.
  9. Howard. That offense has to rebound, at least some. And I'd want to see one more week of Hockenson (keep in mind this is also coming from a guy that might be trading Kittle, with Hock as the guy that would step in there).
  10. 10 team, standard lineups, 0.5 ppr, 4.5 for QB TD, -1 for INT...my Dak, OBJ and Kittle for his Mahomes, Thielen and Ingram. My biggest concern would be owning both Thielen and Diggs. For those of you on phones, my current team is: QB - Dak RB - DJ, Jacobs, White, Breida, Singletary WR - OBJ, Diggs, Kupp, Ross TE - Kittle, Hockenson Thanks for your input. WHIR.
  11. Essentially this is Kamara for Keena, Hill, Gordon, Montgomery and Cam because you definitely don't want anyone else on his team. It looks like your league has a 16-player roster, so this would likely leave you with: QB: Cam; RB: Cook, A. Jones, Montgomery, Breida, M. Brown; WR: Keenan, Hill, Gordon, Boyd, Anderson, Fuller; TE: Engram, Hock; D/K With Cook looking like an upside RB1, I think you could do it survive until Hill returns just fine. Assuming he comes back his old self, and Allen stays healthy, you'd have great pair of starting WRs for the second half of the season. For me, I think this would turn on whether you think A. Jones and Montgomery are closer to the guys they were expected to be when drafted, or the guys they looked like in week 1. If it's the former, you'd have a stacked starting lineup with some nice trade pieces/flex options for a playoff run.
  12. People either overreacted to a bad TE season last year (outside the top 3), or are overreacting to a big first week this year. I kept Kittle over Mahomes, and with Hockenson on the bench, I'm already regretting it. I still like Kittle, but Waller looks legit/will get targets and Mahomes proved it doesn't matter all that much who he's throwing to. I'd do it. And with respect to Evans, he'll likely end up getting his and being a back end WR1/high end WR2. But personally, I want no part of Winston right now.
  13. Boy that’s a true coin flip for me. I’m really high on Lamar this year, but I might play it safe and roll with Cam to start. See if everyone is right for a week and then go from there.
  14. Lockett for me. You know he’s locked in as a #1 with a great QB. Let all three of those backfields sort themselves out for a week before diving in.