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  1. Really hoping you didn't overthink that one, considering Brock went for 380/3.
  2. Sony trade help me. WHIR

  3. I think you have to play Mahomes - he's still the #1 overall QB and I try to avoid overthinking things (ie, start your studs). While it's a nice metric from a gambling perspective, unless your league gives a bonus for Ws, I don't really see how your QBs under 25 are 0-23 since 2011 in NE stat factors. However, I'll give you a stat that does matter from a fantasy perspective - 59. In the past 15 years, there's only been 1 regular season game with an over/under higher than 59, and it was back in 2004. As to the Vikings playing a D that just got torched by CJ Beathard and garbage WRs, you have to remember that they also forced 4 TOs out of him. Yahoo actually has the Cards listed as giving up the 4th fewest fantasy points to opposing QBs. Moreover, it was a game flow which saw a ton of garbage time passing by the 49ers. I doubt that'll be the case for the Vikings.
  4. Standard, 0.5 or full point PPR? Regardless, I'd try to sell White and JuJu high for another stud true WR. I think White comes back to earth a bit and JuJu has already begun to show signs of being more of a mid WR2 than a back-end WR1. After this bye week, I think you can lock Ingram into your RB2 slot ROS. And between Conner, Howard and A-Rob (*possibly a bit of bias here as I'm praying the latter two bounce back), as well as your relatively deep WW, I think your flex spots will be fine after a 2-1 trade. Maybe try to buy MT low after back-to-back mediocre games? I think he bounces back to elite form ROS (*again, possibly a bit of bias here as I'm praying he does).
  5. Exploiting draft capital bias

    Outside of Michel, I think you're overvaluing your RBs. Chubb's quasi-emergence aside, Hyde has been inefficient and there's no way he keeps up his current TD rate. For whatever reason, Patricia seems satisfied with continuing to split carries between KJ and Blount (with the latter getting the goal line touches). And with Edelman back, Gordon becoming better acquainted with the system and Gronk getting healthy/due for a TD streak, White is bound to come back to earth. ROS, I think the top 12 RBs in a standard league (not necessarily in order) are Gurley, Gordon, Zeke, Kamara, Barkley, Mixon, Hunt, DJ, CMC, Ingram, Michel and Bell, despite all his uncertainty. After that, there's a pack of about 15 guys that are all in the same tier, with upside but big red flags. With respect to Howard for Hyde and a piece, it would completely depend on the piece. But I definitely wouldn't trade Howard for Hyde straight up/with a throwaway player.
  6. Is this trade considered vetoable?

    I was thinking the exact same thing.
  7. Which players ros?? whir

    CMC and Golladay would be my preference, hands down.
  8. As a Tate owner in a .5 ppr, I'd take Hill for him in a heartbeat.
  9. It's hard to say because I've never played in an 8-man league. Jeffrey looked great, but he's still a guy that has barely cracked 800 yards since 2014. I'm also a pretty pessimistic Eagles fan, so my viewpoint might be skewed. I'd be most intrigued by White. While I can't imagine he keeps up his current pace, I would be hard to pass up on him in a PPR league. He's scored 16, 15, 14, and 31 this season. The early consensus rankings have him as the RB11 in week 5. I could see him regressing a bit, but still giving solid PPR RB2 value ROS.
  10. There are other threads about this, but I'm looking for some feedback on my lineup/circumstances. Bell's team is a disaster and could be 0-7 by the time he gets back (aside from Rodgers he needs major help at every position). I'm in first at 3-1 and lead in points (just had a 14-game W streak dating back to last season snapped despite scoring 164 - ugh), but I'm concerned about my roster ROS and we have one other team that's stacked. Any thoughts on what would be a 2-1 low-ball offer that wouldn't kill me in the short term or if Bell doesn't come back to form? My team is in my signature. Thanks in advance. As always, WHIR 100%
  11. Rate this trade and my next move

    It helps if you're proactive - go answer some questions on other people's WHIR posts, and they'll return the favor. With that said, my first question is always, what is your format? Standard, 0.5 or full PPR? How many people in your league? Also, just curious - keeper league or redraft? In general, I like the trade you just made. I think once Cook gets healthy, he'll get back on track and produce close to his high draft spot. I also think it's huge this year to get a top 3 TE, considering everyone else is basically equal. With respect to your possible AB trade, I think you have to stay put. Unless your plan is to lock AB into your lone WR spot and start 4 RBs (which is risky but not a terrible idea), your WR depth is really ugly - especially with Sanders gone. Regardless, I wouldn't trust Cobb and Godwin/Shephard as my WR2/3. Either way, pick up Drake. Granted he's struggled, he should not be available on a WW or as a FA. With the trade you already completed, you'd be left with RBs with ADPs of roughly 6, 8, 10, 16, 17 and 20. That's, um, impressive? Hope for some bounce-back games from the guys under performing, target the best player on teams that lack depth (assuming they exist) and offer 2RB/1WR packages for another top tier stud.
  12. I completely agree. If anything, this thread is just making me want to throw a low-ish ball offer at the Julio owner in my league...see if he bites.
  13. Here's the link to the Fantasy Pros chart too. It was just posted a couple minutes ago: https://www.fantasypros.com/2018/09/fantasy-football-trade-chart-week-4/ There's also a pretty decent one that a Reddit subscriber posts, which is pretty darn impressive for an amateur (google Reddit Fantasy Football Trade Chart if you want to check it out - for some reason it won't let me include the link in here). While I still don't think this trade merits a veto, these two definitely continue to view Julio as a top tier WR.
  14. I agree with everyone in this thread that believes a trade shouldn't be vetoed without evidence of collusion or error. However, even if you play in a weak league that allows trades to be vetoed simply because people think one side is more favorable than another, this one isn't even close to being the worst I've seen. I like referring to CBS's weekly Trade Value Chart (Fantasy Pros puts one out too) to get a general idea of player values. They'd say the Julio side is worth 29 points and the Woods/Lewis side is worth 24 (Julio valued at 29, Woods at 14 and Lewis at 10, with Duke Johnson, Gore and Zuerlin having no particular trade value). I wouldn't get hung up on the collateral pieces tacked on - this is primarily a 2 for 1 deal. Bottom line - if someone makes the decision that Julio's value has significantly decreased, let him trade him away.
  15. I don't think I'd make this trade. Maybe I'm too low on Kerryon (and I hope I'm wrong considering I own him), but I wouldn't be able to stomach giving up a top 3 WR talent for a RB who is - for whatever reason - still splitting carries with LeGarrette Blount and a WR who is unlikely to crack you starting lineup most weeks. Granted I'm in a 0.5 ppr league, I'd jump at the chance to trade Kerryon and Tate (comparable to Golladay) for Julio if I could. Unfortunately, I think you just have to live and die on Julio bouncing back to top 5 WR status. Again, I hope I'm completely wrong and he breaks out ROS, but I just don't see a Kerryon Johnson, Lamar Miller and Chris Thompson RB core getting you anywhere this season.