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  1. michaelabrill@att.net Send me invite im in and can pay right away
  2. Yeah I don't mind paying the couch managers fee to run the slow draft . I just have never done it myself and am not sure how the exporting of rosters from couch managers to ESPN works
  3. I have seen your post and it is essentially what I am looking for, but the slow draft is the most important part because I will be on vacation over this next week and can't be available for a live draft. Thank you for reaching out though!
  4. Does anybody have an ESPN Roto League, payments through LS, and a slow draft on couchmanagers? If so, I am in
  5. Any chance you would consider slow draft? If so, I am in. I just can't make that draft date
  6. Are there any roto leagues out there using ESPN , Leaguesafe for payment, and slow draft through couch managers?