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  1. Gillie this other guy already created a league and has 4 people paid up so far, should we just join his? We probably can't get two different leagues filled so lets just merge
  2. Looking for one as well, I have $40 left in my LeagueSafe account so anything $40 or under works for me
  3. I would join a cheap auction for tonight as well
  4. Well we have a guy who paid but isn't in the league. if he doesn't rejoin I will refund him and the spot is yours
  5. Eric go back in and accept your invite. I booted you because it took you this long... you have the last spot
  6. This is my first time doing this , I was just trying to help get a quick one in. I will give you the last spot back if you can pay right away. Let me know
  7. I mentioned multiple times that the LeagueSafe invite was in this thread and on the league page
  8. in that case we can make it earlier if people are ready
  9. Team Regan you have 2 mins or you are gone and we invite this other guy waiting for your spot