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  1. Brady vs Manning

    Pretty much, i second this statement
  2. Kareem Hunt 2019 Outlook

    I wonder if the saints cant afford Ingram, will they grab Hunt? Crazy i know but one could ponder
  3. Superbowl LIII: Patriots v Rams

    Eh the rams offense looked lost, brandin cooks dropping that pass pretty much tells you everything of how that night was going. Defenses werent particularly great. Both offenses looked sluggish and out of their element. The defenses shiwed up but i dont think they get that much credit. Poor execution as well. Patriots could have hust kept running the ball with how bad the rams were getting gashed.
  4. Superbowl LIII: Patriots v Rams

    And of course i was right, rams didn’t belong in the super bowl, saints would have won... kinda pisses me off
  5. Brady vs Manning

    Brady is going to have 6 rings, why is this even a debate anymore....
  6. Michael Thomas 2019 Outlook

    I would not pick thomas over Kamara
  7. Rams/Saints - NFC Championship

    Rams will lose the SB
  8. Superbowl LIII: Patriots v Rams

    Who cares, Rams are going to lose anyways lol
  9. Rams/Saints - NFC Championship

    Meh. I get what your saying. But you had two refs looking right at it, and the guy didn’t even look at the ball, he hit the guy way before the ball got their. Sorry but one was in plain freaking sight. If the call was made, saints are in the SB i could see it from the freaking terrace section i was in.
  10. Rams/Saints - NFC Championship

    Its cool, the call is either the worst or second worst call in history. Sure payton dwelled on it too much, sure he shouldve ran it more, but none of those things happened, what did happen was not calling that PI. Fact is they wanted it to go to OT, and giving the Rams a chance to go to the SB. They want a LA market to happen. Pats bring in money too. Thats what its truely about. Goodell and the NFL hate the saints. From Boutnygate and suspending Payton a full year. To trying to take our Who Dat phrase and make money off of it and now literally destroying Brees’s legacy and missing an opportunity at the SB. Im a saints fan, and the rest of our fanbase can be retarded at times but i’ll give them this one to be mad about. Im pissed at the PI, im pissed at Payton, and pissed at Brees. i will no longer spend my money on NFL memorabilia. Ever again,i’ll continue to play Fantasy but thats it for me. Im done with the NFL, i’ll still be a saints fan forever, but im no longer investing my life into it anymore. We got our SB and probably never will again.
  11. Superbowl LIII: Patriots v Rams

    Hopefully Brady wins his 6th and retires and this Super Bowl has the lowest ratings in history...
  12. Damien Williams 2019 Outlook

    Id take damien ahead of Gordon and conner and adams..... Ppr of course... gordon cant last a season, conner looks like he cant either and adams is 2nd round for me
  13. Rams/Saints - NFC Championship

    Sighs yeah idc to watch it, i was demoralized yesterday
  14. Rams/Saints - NFC Championship

    Watch it again, if he didnt commit he would have gotten the ball or at least deflectec it, he didnt even look he just committed to hitting Lewis. Yeah we got robbed yada yada. The only thing we had control of was the time on the board. Thats it.
  15. Rams/Saints - NFC Championship

    Still better than letting them have 2TO’s. Way too much time was left. And they got to cute, had that defender turn his head, that ball would have been a pick 6. It hurts, i was in their but i refuse to let payton off the hook, at least run it on 1st down. That incomplete pass to Thomas was terrible....