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  1. Golden Tate all day, can't wait til he gets back
  2. K I take it back, Steelers should have paid him instead of brown
  3. Gase doesn't need time, he's garbage Darnold I can give time too but not Gase
  4. Decent receivers and Darnold isn't so bad. Lol but they aren't good cause of the coach.... Get someone better than Gase and they might be something
  5. His yahoo ADP was insane, top 5 pick, honestly I hate yahoo for it's unrealistic adps
  6. If someone could get some decent coaching for both those teams they could be high powered offenses, just by looking at the box score, looks pretty pathetic lol
  7. Duh!!! Adam Gase and the combination of no darnold is a recipe for disaster, Gase was bad enough tbh
  8. Im just checking in, I think I made the right choice all season. By watching the pokemon detective movie
  9. Might have to just get hunt in my free work yahoo league