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  1. I don't know but this is the second time he's been delaying us. He could at least give us his picks pre taking off...
  2. You should send your friend Dolphins a text
  3. What about Malcom Mitchell? We saw his upside last season when he was putting up WR2 numbers alongside Edelman. Injuries could propel Malcom Mitchell to a WR2 again.
  4. Kenny Britt Kenny Britt was a later round WR that I was targeting when looking at this format. The factors driving myself to draft Kenny Britt over other options are as follows. 1. Target share (should be 25% or higher). I do not see Seth DeValve, Njoku and Coleman taking too many targets away from this offense. 2. Offensive line - An improved offensive line will allow the starting QB to keep this offense moving and target Kenny Britt consistently. 3. Huge red zone target and upper echelon athleticism 4. Signing a huge contract after putting up 1000 yards with Jared Goff at QB. Tyler Eifert I've owned Eifert once. His back injury is worrisome and I might regret not picking Kyle Rudolph instead, however his upside as a top 3 TE is undeniable. He is the best red zone target on an offense that has improved by a lot. I think he has a chance to finish as the TE3 this year behind Gronk and Kelce. And at round 7.13 (pick 97) I decided to go against my late TE strategy and pick up the upside that Eifert has. Hopefully he recovers from his back surgery and comes back 100%.
  5. If anyone else would like to leave their picks with me. Send me an IM. @ToO_BaD @ZidaneValor @Br0kenB (People who will be picking probably later tonight)
  6. @mrblonde1984 otc @PackersFan1979 - otc 2 @Iron-cock otc 3 @1972Miamidolphins otc 4 @DocJ - otc 4
  7. I know.... I want my roster to be complete.
  8. That's just evil.
  9. That's too bad. We may be waiting a while
  10. I really wanted to burn through a round or two tonight but....
  11. Oh man I love that song.
  12. Keep Pounding.
  13. Did @PackersFan1979 leave his picks with anyone?
  14. Winning teams also usually have good QB's. Losing teams usually have bad QB's or bad defenses. (Saints)