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  1. Are you being serious or sarcastic?
  2. Moncrief was pretty hurt all season as well just looking back at the rotoworld blurbs. I'm sure if healthy last season would have looked a little different. I do think the Aiken signing is worrisome and to say it's not is naive. Aiken has a 994 yard season on record and is a big/fast receiver just like Moncrief. This could cap Moncrief's upside.
  3. No don't sell. In dynasty, even though Bell might miss a couple of games a year, in the games he does play, he puts up a lot more points than any other RB puts up points. Besides Zeke and DJ there aren't any other RB's you'd want. In redraft, different story.
  4. Ahh I love this signing. I'm stashing him and drafting him now in my dynasty leagues. I mean he technically could be better than Pryor. Pryor has only had one year of NFL experience as a WR while Brian Quick has had to suffer with awful QB play for the past 4 years. I'm stashing in the later rounds and drafting Crowder and now staying away from Pryor.
  5. Colts shouldn't draft RB first round. That's the least of their concerns. They'll go d first oline second rb third defense defense oline oline. Going rb in the first round would be just as bad as trading for Trent Richardson.
  6. I don't want Pumphrey. If anything I want Mixon or McCaffrey.
  7. Johnny Manziel visited the Saints.
  8. Mack Brown will never make an impact in the NFL. Rob Kelley is a plodder. Matt Jones is not good. Redskins should sign or draft a RB and I bet they do.
  9. If they drafted Mixon in the second (which they won't) I wouldn't draft Gordon until the 5th/6th/7th. Even the 5th might be too early. But drafting Mixon wouldn't make sense for the Chargers. Defense and o-line and maybe a WR is what we need. Fournette would never end up a Charger and I sure hope he doesn't.
  10. I wholeheartedly refute the idea that Cordarelle Patterson was not draftable anywhere near the rounds he was going that year. The hype that went into Cordarelle made no logical sense. People had this vision of uber athletic Cordarelle Patterson being the de facto #1 in that offense receiving a 25-30% market share from rookie QB Teddy Bridgewater. And he had this ADP before AP was suspended.
  11. It was crazy to think about drafting him in the fourth/fifth or even sixth rounds where he was going. Cordarelle was not targeted regularily. Had one game with more than 54 yards receiving in that season and had only around 10 yards per catch even with his athleticism. He had 3 games with 4 or more receptions. And the catch rate comparison to the other rookie WR's is a pretty pointless comparison to bring up to counter someone's claim that Patterson has stone hands especially when Patterson had only 77 targets. Drop rate would be the stat you'd want.
  12. Correct. Because he's AP.
  13. Fox isn't the only kryptonite. Glennon could be his kryptonite. Injuries to the o-line could be his kryptonite. A Langford resurgence in the receiving game from the Bears trailing 75% of the games they play could be his kryptonite. Maybe Howard is just a plodder and last year was an outlier. Maybe he doesn't get all the big runs he had last season and his ypc drops because no teams are worried about Glennon and his uber talented receiving trio of Kevin White, Cameron Meredith and Kendall Wright. This situation screams Gurley from 2016 (just with a better oline). This isn't last year's David Johnson where DJ was heavily involved in the receiving game in the year prior and already had a reputation (and his stats backed this up) of being a exceptional receiver.
  14. My biggest concern is this draft class. This draft class for TE's might be the best of this decade.
  15. That's how I felt with Rawls last year.