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  1. Taking Ajayi over Bryant... Bryant has had how many top 12 seasons?
  2. DJ, McCoy, Gordon and Howard caught balls.
  3. So you know based off of the eye test and because you couldn't get bigger or faster in college?
  4. How do you know Mac is maxed out? And I didn't infer that it was only significant gains in physical ability that allows RB's to peak at 24. Experience and practice are primary reasons. But training and strength conditioning help as well.
  5. That's true. But I'm not his trainer. I just know peak age for an RB is 24 and that's typically when they're physically at their best. At 20 your body is still developing and has a lot of room to go. But I'm no trainer.
  6. How has he peaked physically? How is he not going to get stronger or faster? You are telling me that a 20 year old has peaked physically and can't get stronger or faster. And then you go on to say "this is pretty fundamental logic" lmao
  7. Mike Wallace and Perriman both going after 120. How do you not draft both of them?
  8. Solution is: you don't.
  9. I'd rather have the Pats sit Gronk out than use him as a decoy.
  10. I'll take the under on 3.5 wins.
  11. Completely. As much as I love his potential even fourth round/fifth round is too early for me when I can draft Theo Riddick and Woodhead later.
  12. Dynasty or redraft? Why is it not possible? Couldn't you use this same cliche argument against any player coming into the NFL? There's no logic behind this at all.
  13. It does matter. When has Cam had a good receiving RB? Fozzy Whitaker? Who from weeks 2-4 had 3, 5 and 9 receptions? They've never had a back that can split out wide, run, and catch like McCaffrey.... this whole Can doesn't throw to RB's narrative is getting old. Jstew isn't a good receiver and he's been on the field for all three downs most of the time. Combine this with the fact that KB looks like he's 300 lbs, who else is Cam going to throw to?
  14. Riddick and Woodhead also weren't the #7 overall draft pick... Riddick and Woodhead had to prove themselves first and ascend the depth chart. There is no depth chart that McCaffrey has to ascend. It's old man Stew and that's it.
  15. It isn't 'prudent'? His role is basically what Riddick does. Except he's a better receiver and rote runner.